Likari platform: free access to doctors for Ukrainian population

Likari platform is an online service that gives people a possibility to get a consultation from qualified medical professionals, no matter where in the world a doctor and a patient are at that moment. It works as a mediator between a patient and a licensed doctor. All the doctors offering consultations on the platform are doing it for free in their free time, regardless of whether they represent public or private medical institutions.Before starting work on the platform, all doctors are checked for the availability and validity of licenses, diplomas, certificates. The service is not limited geographically and is available

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Job offers for creative professionals

Here’s a list of job and workspace offers by Latvian companies for Ukrainian creative professionals — architects, designers, content creators, programmers, and others. We will continue to update the list, so if you offer or notice a job or other type of support for creative professionals, please send information to! If you’re Ukrainian and looking for a job or a collaboration, you can also reach out to us.

FOLD - Plattform

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This Rain Will Never Stop (2020)

Documentary Director: Alina Gorlova Country: Ukraine, Latvia, Germany, Qatar Language: German, Arabic, Kurdish, Ukrainian, Russian Length: 104 Minutes Also known as: Цей дощ ніколи не скінчиться (Ukraine); Ten deszcz nigdy nie ustanie (Poland) Synopsis: This Rain Will Never Stop takes the audience on a powerful, visually arresting journey through humanity’s endless cycle of war and peace. The film follows 20-year-old Andriy Suleyman as he tries to secure a sustainable future while navigating the human toll of armed conflict. From the Syrian civil war to strife in Ukraine, Andriy’s existence is framed by the seemingly eternal flow of life and death.



Germany, Latvia, Qatar, Ukraine