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Sweden: Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians

Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians gathers information about the situation in Ukraine and what applies to people who are coming to Sweden.The page is constantly updated.Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians is an initiative and collaboration between: RFSL, the Swedish Federation for LGBTQI rights and RFSL Ungdom, the Swedish Youth Federation for LGBTQI Rights, through their national network of Newcomers and Newcomers youth to support and coordinate people arriving in Sweden from Ukraine.

Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians in Sweden

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Swedish Red Cross – Medical Care for migrants and people without papers

At the health assistance unit in Stockholm nurses work to provide care and support for you who have no documents and need medical care.You can call the help telephone if you have any questions, for example, the right to medical care and what is applicable.Phone: +46 20-211000Monday –Thursday 09:30-11:30Visit: Swedish Red Cross, Hornsgatan 54, 118 91 StockholmMonday – Friday 9:00-16:00Mail:

Swedish Red Cross, information for undocumented immigrants

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Help for Ukrainian citizens in Slovenia

“Slovenia and its citizens wish to warmly welcome Ukrainian citizens fleeing the war. We are ready to provide you with accommodation, food and anything else you may need.” On this site you can find many useful links about accommodation, health insurance, work permit, opening a bank account, where to look for a job, childcare and education, language lessons and more.


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Liechtenstein Government for Ukraine

The Government of the Principality of Liechtenstein makes financial contributions to proven partner organizations that have the necessary structures and experience to provide assistance on the ground in a needs-based, broadly effective and non-discriminatory manner.

Solidarity with Ukraine

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Fondation de Luxembourg

In response to the war in Ukraine, the Fondation de Luxembourg has launched an emergency aid initiative for victims. The Ukraine Solidarity Foundation was created to direct urgent humanitarian aid to victims of the ongoing violence in Ukraine. Actions supported will be centered on providing aid to victims in Ukraine and neighboring areas, as well as initiatives for welcoming refugees in Luxembourg.

Fondation de Luxembourg

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Free medical care in Romania

“Medicover” is a healthcare company with a network of 37 clinics in Romania. It provides free medical care to children and pregnant women from Ukraine. You need: Ukrainian passport, identity card or birth certificate. Contact:– +40 219896– +4021 796 7391 (one operator who speaks Ukrainian and five that speaks English)


Medical Help


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Medical care in Bulgaria

Medical information for Ukrainians refugees from vulnerable groups who have temporary protection in Bulgaria: minors unaccompanied minors people with disabilities the elderly pregnant women single parents with minor children victims of human trafficking people with serious health problems or mental disorders people who have suffered torture, rape or other severe forms of mental, physical or sexual abuse

Medical information for Bulgaria

Medical Help


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Danish Support Ukraine Association

Danish Support Ukraine association helps people displaced by ongoing war in Ukraine. Support Ukraine is an association of several NGOs helping Ukrainian migrants, who are on their way to Denmark, or have arrived in Denmark. Support Ukraine offers: shelter humanitarian aid, transportation from and to border, food medical help, etc. They have a hands-on-approach. To get their help migrants should call: +45 71 82 00 39 Others please call: +45 55 27 01 92 Lines are open Monday – Sunday from 08:00 to 20:00

Danish Support Ukraine Association's Website

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