Moldox Collects Aid For Ukrainians in Need

Moldox collects aid for Ukrainians in need. A month has passed since the invasion of Ukraine. 🇺🇦 One month since the main colors all over the world are yellow and blue. 🙏 We continue to stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and collect aid for those in need. You can find us at our office in the center of Chisinau.Office address: Mihail Kogălniceanu 62, Chisinau (near Casa della pizza). MOLDOX Festival is a documentary film festival for Social Change accessible to everyone. The festival is centred around urgent social topics persisting in Moldova. MOLDOX Lab is providing tools for

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Free medical services provided by Med Help in Moldova

Moldova’s MedExpert network of medical centres and laboratories provides free medical services to Ukrainian refugees. MedHelp’s network in Moldova: Bălți, Decebal ,101 ,IMSP SCM Bălți,etajul II, tel.:00373 (231) 882-82 Bălți, Decebal, 101A ,IMSP CC Bălți,cabinet 113, tel.:00373 (231) 230-20 Bălți, Ștefan cel Mare,29,  tel.: 00373 (231) 222-03 Bălți, Decebal, 101 ,  tel.: 00373 (231) 92-600 Cahul, Ștefan cel Mare și Sfînt, 27,  tel.: 00373 (299) 805-86 Călărași, Nicolae Testemițanu,59A,  tel.: 00373 (244) 800-33 Chișinău, Gheorghe Asachi ,42,  tel.: 00373 (22)811-811 Chișinău, Liviu Deleanu ,7/6 ,  tel.: 00373 (22) 811-162 Chișinău, Ion Luca Caragiale,3,  tel.: 00373 (22) 815-011 Chișinău, Nicolae Zelinski,33/2, 

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