United with Ukraine

“United with Ukraine” is a portal where U.S. and Bulgaria have joined forces to support Ukrainians in Bulgaria or who are planning to go to Bulgaria. It is constantly updated. Powered by: U.S. Embassy Sofia America for Bulgaria Foundation American University in Bulgaria American College in Sofia The American Chamber of Commerce in Bulgaria NuBoyana Film Studios Muzeiko

United with Ukraine

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Free educational resources in Bulgaria

“Education without backpacks” from Bulgaria helps Ukrainian pupils and students with free information and free educational resources. You can find information about: Libraries in Bulgaria with books and publications in Ukrainian and Russian Online learning platforms for Ukrainian students recommended by the Ukrainian Ministry of Education Online training in Ukrainian for students from 5th to 9th grade Resources in Ukrainian, Russian, Bulgarian and English.

Free educational resources for Ukrainian children



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Medical care in Bulgaria

Medical information for Ukrainians refugees from vulnerable groups who have temporary protection in Bulgaria: minors unaccompanied minors people with disabilities the elderly pregnant women single parents with minor children victims of human trafficking people with serious health problems or mental disorders people who have suffered torture, rape or other severe forms of mental, physical or sexual abuse

Medical information for Bulgaria

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EU Skills Profile Tool in Ukrainian: helping the integration into the labour market of people arriving from Ukraine

The European Commission has launched a Ukrainian version of the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals. The Tool will make it easier for people fleeing Russian’s invasion of Ukraine to map their skills and find jobs and other opportunities.


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NATFA supports the refugee students from Ukraine’s higher education institutions

The Academic Council of the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts (NATFA) decided to provide an opportunity for refugee students from Ukraine’s higher education institutions, studying in the field of stage and screen arts, to continue their education at NATFA.  The opportunity could be implemented by adhering to the following parameters: 1. Providing reliable information about the student’s status in Ukraine (student record book with official attributes and stems, or transcript of the records), or confirmation from Ukrainian officials.  2. Participation in an equivalent exam in front of NATFA professors committee, in order to be determined in which year


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Job offer and help from Film Studios in Bulgaria

To our Ukrainian friends out there in times of need: B2Y productions and Nu Boyana film studios from Bulgaria are offering accommodation and work to film industry professionals. We know these are a difficult times and you are faced with many uncertainties. Know that we are here to help! If you make it to the borders and if you are looking for help, we are here! Contact: info@nuboyana.com

facebook link for job and help offer form B2Y and Nu Boyana film studios

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How to help refugees from Ukraine in Bulgaria

The Bulgarian Art magazine “Boyscout” informs the reader about many ways how they can help the refugees from Ukraine in Bulgaria. Bulgarian: Списание за култура, което информира как да помогнем на хората в Украйна ако сме в България

link to the magazine article for help

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Bulgaria for Ukraine – Official Information from the Bulgarian Government

Information from the Bulgarian government for people fleeing from Ukraine to Bulgaria and for people who want to help in Bulgaria. The information is available in Ukrainian, English, Bulgarian, Russian. Ukrainian: Інформаційний портал болгарської урядової платформи допомоги біженцям з війни в Україні.  Bulgarian: Искате ли да помогнете? Българското правителство обединява усилия с представители на цялото българско общество, за да предложи възможно най-голяма подкрепа на всички, засегнати от кризата в Украйна. Можете да помогнете на хиляди бежанци, като им осигурите настаняване, транспорт, работни места и като доброволно отделите своето време и ресурси. Даването е грижа и моментът за грижа е днес!

offical site of bulgarian government

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