Here you will find various projects for which you can donate! Of course we would be very happy if you would also donate directly to Filmmakers for Ukraine!

Or via bank transfer: Filmmakers for Refugees, DE02 7025 0150 0029 8605 90, SWIFT/BIC: BYLADEM1KMS. Our COMMITTEE decides how and to whom the donations are given.

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In order to be able to continue to help with the most necessary things, we are also dependent on donations and are happy about every euro. You can donate via PAYPAL or via the bank via bank transfer: Filmmakers for Refugees, DE02 7025 0150 0029 8605 90, SWIFT/BIC: BYLADEM1KMS. How and for whom we use the money you can read here.

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Michael Maier helping Ukrainians

On February 26, 2022, Michael Maier flew from Germany to the Romanian – Ukrainian border. Since then, he has helped over 1,000 Ukrainians with accommodation, medicine, food, clothes and transport from Ukraine to Romania, Republic of Moldova and Germany. Michael has also helped orphans. In addition to all the big donations for the orphans, he helped transport orphan children to safe areas. One of Michael’s story is that he helped 24 children and a driver who had left Ukraine to arrive safely in another country. They went from Kyiv to Republic of Moldova and from there to Romania, where they

Michael Maier - Facebook Page

Accommodation, Assistance for Refugees, Transport

Germany, Romania, Ukraine

English, German

Children, Volunteers

Support the organisation Helping to leave

The team of Helping to leave works 24/7 providing consultations to those seeking help, guiding them through the evacuation process, and connecting them to the volunteers on the ground for all humanitarian needs. The organisation covers transport expenses, provides information, and arranges for counselling where necessary.We help Ukrainians affected by war – also those who were forcibly deported to the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine or to Russia. Donate and support Helping to leave.

Helping to Leave

Assistance for Refugees, Transport

English, Russian, Ukrainian

Call for donations – Radios

Stanislav Tkachov, a Ukrainian cinematographer is collecting money for 22 digital two-way radios Motorola mototrbo dp4400e VHF. Read his personal message and support this cause:“I’m Stanislav, a DOP, now in Forces of Special Operations of the Ukrainian army (AZOV).We have big support from western countries as you know, but the range of our needs is very wide, especially in the technical sphere and communication with each other in hot spots under action of jamming systems is super important. So, we need 22 digital two-way radios Motorola motoTrbo dp4400e VHF. For any contribution or donation, I’m personally making photo/video report for

Link to bank transfer


English, Ukrainian


United24 – a global fundraising platform

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, launched a global initiative United24. Its goal is to unite people in their will to help Ukraine. United24 starts with a fundraising platform, which becomes the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. The United24 website provides the ability to make a one-click donation from any country. United24 raises funds to be used in three directions: Defence and Demining Humanitarian and Medical Aid Rebuild Ukraine All funds will be transferred to the accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and assigned to the relevant ministries: The Ministry of Defenсe of Ukraine, The


English, Ukrainian

Help Ukrainians receive free legal assistance

“From the first day of the war, we receive hundreds of appeals from people who are in need of legal assistance. They are confused, they are frightened and they try to protect their families from Russian aggression.“ We are an Ukraine-based law company (AROU) organizing free legal assistance for refugees and displaced persons. We gathered a community of Ukrainian jurists, lawyers and notaries. Most of them stay in Ukraine and provide help while sitting in basements and bomb shelters. The number of appeals who reach us continues to grow every hour. In order to work more efficiently and increase the

Legal Help



English, Ukrainian

Malteser International Collects Donations

Malteser International collects donations for helping Ukrainians affected by the ongoing war. The organisation is the worldwide humanitarian relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta. Its mission is to provide relief and recovery during and following conflicts and disasters. Malteser International is primarily active in the field of health, in which it has more than 60 years of continuous experience.

Malteser International Website


English, French, German

Support Ukrainian Filmmakers and donate to the emergency fund of ICFR

Founded by the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam, International Film Festival Rotterdam and the European Film Academy, the International Coalition for Filmmakers at Risk’s mission is to advocate for and to act in solidarity with filmmakers at risk. The Coalition acts in cases of persecution or threats to the personal safety of these filmmakers and will defend their right to continue their work, by mobilising the international film community. “Risk” is defined in the most acute sense of the word: responding only to the most acute and critical cases in which there is an immediate threat to the personal safety

France, Germany, Greece, International, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, United Kingdom


THE BREAD GIVERS – Fundraising Initiative for Good Bread, Kyiv, Ukraine

You give 2.500 Euro plus VAT and they bake 3.000 loaves of bread in one week! GOOD BREAD Good Bread is a social bakery in Kyiv (Ukraine), that bakes up to 800 loaves of bread every day and donates them to hospital patients, soldiers, police, elderly people, and families with children who decided to stay in Kyiv. Volunteers deliver bread to subway stations and shelters. Good Bread was founded by Vladislav Malashchenko as a social business, the mission was to give people with mental disabilities an opportunity to work. THE BREAD GIVERS The Bread Givers is a fundraising campaign




English, Ukrainian

Non-Government Organization Union of Television and Film Industry Entrepreneurs

Non-Government Organization Union of Television and Film Industry Entrepreneurs (SPTK) its works against the background of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Entrepreneurs of the TV and film industries have united to achieve peace in Ukraine and for the victory of our state as soon as possible, have united all their resources and are currently actively volunteering. The main goal of the SPTK’s efforts is to help our defenders fight the enemy, meet their humanitarian needs, and protect the civilian population.In order to fulfil its main goal, a large amount of humanitarian aid has already beenredirected from abroad to the



English, Ukrainian

Aluziva Association Helps in Romania

Aluziva Association helps people displaced by the War in Ukraine. Aluziva is the alias of Alina Greavu – a Romanian influencer for good. She and her “ALUZIVA ASSOCIATION” helps hundreds of refugees. A Ukrainian woman was operated on for cancer, a Nigerian student from Ukraine enrolled in a Bucharest university and a Ukrainian mother with three children managed to rent an apartment in Bucharest as well. These are just three examples. In addition to those, there are hundreds of other examples of which you can find out from this document. Aluziva’s efforts made waves and she appeared even on CNN.

Aluziva Association's WebPage

Find Help, Give Help


Bucharest, Galați, Giurgiu, Suceava


UNICEF Greece call for donations

Support the work of UNICEF Greece with a donation. Find out about what UNICEF has contributed to the forefront of the Humanitarian Response inside and outside Ukraine in the link below: You can make a donation directly to UNICEF’s Greece bank account, through Alpha Bank: CITIBANKΙΒΑΝ GR4408400010000000445450618 SWIFT BIC: CITIGRAAXXX


Athens, Thessaloniki

English, Greek


Donate to Doctors of the World – Greece for Ukraine

Doctors of the World (Médecins du Monde) Greece, is calling for financial support for the purchase of antibiotics and specialised medical supplies and to cover the costs of its mission to Ukraine. Médecins du Monde, in accordance with its principles and the Organization’s established policy, will deliver all the items themselves to the populations in need. See also: Donate at

Give Help, Medical Help


Athens, Thessaloniki


World Food Programme

Ukraine appeal:Help us to provide food assistance and emergency responseChildren and women on the borders trying to flee the conflict are cold, hungry, and afraid. Food is running low and grocery stores shelves are almost empty in the worst affected areas of Ukraine.Every donation will help us provide emergency food assistance to children and families affected by the conflict in Ukraine and neighboring countries.  Please donate now, it only takes a minute.

Food, Give Help



URGENT: Donate now to Ukrainian Red Cross to provide vital aid to people during this difficult time!

Donate now to help to provide vital aid to people during this difficult time! People in Ukraine need help now. Water, food and medical aid become increasingly important as Russian aggression focuses on civilians. All funds will be used to help those in need, affected by armed conflict, blood collection, mobilization of volunteers and resources, and emergency activities. By choosing a monthly payment, your regular support will allow the Ukrainian Red Cross to help more people in need. #standwithukraine

Food, Give Help


English, Ukrainian

Transport in Europe from Romania

ANAT – National Association of Travel Agencies created the campaign “ANAT connects with loved ones” where they provides transport within the EU or to countries where ANAT members operate charter flights. They have three phone numbers in six languages: +4 0742 070 509 – Language: Ukrainian +4 0730 195 789 – Language: Romanian, English, French, Spanish +4 0740 942 720 – Language: Hungarian At the same time, those who wish to participate with financial support in this campaign, can donate to the special account opened at Banca Transilvania for this purpose: IBAN RO21BTRLRONCRT0589519301. The funds raised will be used exclusively

ANAT Announcement (in Romanian)



English, French, Hungarian, Romanian, Spanish, Ukrainian

Safe&Sound Ukraine – fundraising action

This is a donation action created by Xenia Vinogradova, I’m a production sound mixer from Kyiv, Ukraine. We, filmmakers, musicians, and creators all around the world, are used to one simple thing — utilizing our skills, resources, and values in a collective effort for achieving the best result.Only sometimes the result can be bigger than a captivating work of art — this time we have a chance to bring a firm hand of support to a wonderful country that’s going through dark times. I invite you to take part in the fundraising initiative Safe&Sound Ukraine that we started in partnership


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