Frost (2017)

Fiction   With great support byJustWatch Director: Sharunas Bartas Genre: Drama Country: Lithuania, Poland, France, Ukraine Language: Ukrainian, Russian, Lithuanian, English, French Length: 132 Minutes Frost – Synopsis The young Lithuanian Rokas accepts the order to deliver a lot of humanitarian aid for the Ukrainian army, plunged in full separatist conflict with Russia. In the company of his girlfriend Inga, he will discover the horrors of war. After an episode involving a group of journalists living in a strange hedonistic bubble, this couple of travelers will go through a crisis that will transform their lives. With a story that navigates

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Call for donations – Radios

Stanislav Tkachov, a Ukrainian cinematographer is collecting money for 22 digital two-way radios Motorola mototrbo dp4400e VHF. Read his personal message and support this cause:“I’m Stanislav, a DOP, now in Forces of Special Operations of the Ukrainian army (AZOV).We have big support from western countries as you know, but the range of our needs is very wide, especially in the technical sphere and communication with each other in hot spots under action of jamming systems is super important. So, we need 22 digital two-way radios Motorola motoTrbo dp4400e VHF. For any contribution or donation, I’m personally making photo/video report for

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Education in Spain

This website, also available in Ukrainian, aims to help new students from Ukraine and their families to learn about the Spanish educational system and the process of incorporation into our country’s schools. It also aims to serve as a link between the educational material prepared by the different autonomous communities for students and teachers and that of Ukraine itself, including communication and social-emotional care resources that benefit the welfare of displaced people.

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United24 – a global fundraising platform

President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, launched a global initiative United24. Its goal is to unite people in their will to help Ukraine. United24 starts with a fundraising platform, which becomes the main venue for collecting charitable donations in support of Ukraine. The United24 website provides the ability to make a one-click donation from any country. United24 raises funds to be used in three directions: Defence and Demining Humanitarian and Medical Aid Rebuild Ukraine All funds will be transferred to the accounts of the National Bank of Ukraine and assigned to the relevant ministries: The Ministry of Defenсe of Ukraine, The


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Help Ukrainians receive free legal assistance

“From the first day of the war, we receive hundreds of appeals from people who are in need of legal assistance. They are confused, they are frightened and they try to protect their families from Russian aggression.“ We are an Ukraine-based law company (AROU) organizing free legal assistance for refugees and displaced persons. We gathered a community of Ukrainian jurists, lawyers and notaries. Most of them stay in Ukraine and provide help while sitting in basements and bomb shelters. The number of appeals who reach us continues to grow every hour. In order to work more efficiently and increase the

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Free legal aid via telegram

A leading Ukrainian law firm, AROU, supported by a volunteer legal community provides free legal assistance to refugees, displaced persons, and the citizens of Ukraine and other countries, who have suffered from the military aggression of the Russian Federation. Topics covered are (among other): Registration of crime caused by Russian aggression, consultations for army recruits and reservists, border crossing rules, obtaining of a refugee status in other countries, consultations on individual inquiries. They have set up a Telegram Channel Via the Telegram-Bot @help_aroubot you can contact the lawyers.

Telegram Channel

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Artists in War – financial support to artists and curators in various fields of art

Artist in War fund offers one-time financial support to artists and curators in various fields of art (theatre, music, cinema, visual arts) who are active in their sector and have the opportunity to reflect on wartime in their works.  The amount of one-time financial support is UAH 20,000*.

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The Guild of Cinematographers of Ukraine

The Guild of Cinematographers of Ukraine is a pool of specialists whose goal is to fill the Ukrainian market with new projects and involve as many professionals as possible. Here you can find a freelancer specialist or studio to fulfil any order for video production. If you are a professional in the field of film and video production, please fill in your profile and the team of the Guild of Cinematographers of Ukraine will do everything possible to make it visible to employers and potential customers.

The Guild of Cinematographers of Ukraine Website

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THE BREAD GIVERS – Fundraising Initiative for Good Bread, Kyiv, Ukraine

You give 2.500 Euro plus VAT and they bake 3.000 loaves of bread in one week! GOOD BREAD Good Bread is a social bakery in Kyiv (Ukraine), that bakes up to 800 loaves of bread every day and donates them to hospital patients, soldiers, police, elderly people, and families with children who decided to stay in Kyiv. Volunteers deliver bread to subway stations and shelters. Good Bread was founded by Vladislav Malashchenko as a social business, the mission was to give people with mental disabilities an opportunity to work. THE BREAD GIVERS The Bread Givers is a fundraising campaign




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Parthenon (2019)

Fiction   With great support byJustWatch other title: Partenonas, Stasi Director: Mantas Kvedaravicius Genre: Drama Country: Lithuania, Finland, France Language: Ukrainian, Russian, Arabic, English, Turkish Length: 119 Minutes Parthenon – Synopsis In a cheap brothel at the foothills of an Athenian fortress, a man recounts the magnificent events of his life. His search for love and glory is retold and relived by many: a prostitute with an unredeemable past, a gangster haunted by bad luck, an icon painter who has no faith… In one of the stories, the man finds his riches, in another he becomes a vagabond prophet, in

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Non-Government Organization Union of Television and Film Industry Entrepreneurs

Non-Government Organization Union of Television and Film Industry Entrepreneurs (SPTK) its works against the background of the Russian military invasion of Ukraine. Entrepreneurs of the TV and film industries have united to achieve peace in Ukraine and for the victory of our state as soon as possible, have united all their resources and are currently actively volunteering. The main goal of the SPTK’s efforts is to help our defenders fight the enemy, meet their humanitarian needs, and protect the civilian population.In order to fulfil its main goal, a large amount of humanitarian aid has already beenredirected from abroad to the



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Likari platform: free access to doctors for Ukrainian population

Likari platform is an online service that gives people a possibility to get a consultation from qualified medical professionals, no matter where in the world a doctor and a patient are at that moment. It works as a mediator between a patient and a licensed doctor. All the doctors offering consultations on the platform are doing it for free in their free time, regardless of whether they represent public or private medical institutions.Before starting work on the platform, all doctors are checked for the availability and validity of licenses, diplomas, certificates. The service is not limited geographically and is available

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Production Vans Go Inside Ukraine to Save Lives

There is a critical gap in Western support of Ukrainians seeking safe refuge from war. Few who offer assistance dare go INSIDE Ukraine. Yet the need is huge. Many Ukrainians set out on foot. But that is not possible for the children, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, the weak, and the pregnant. These people are prioritized by Rescue Fleet. At the moment, however, only a fraction of the requests can be fulfilled. We support leadership by example. Our PSN Germany Partners at Embassy of Dreams are spearheading an initiative to fill the gap. They are providing vehicles for courageous

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Psychological first aid for Ukrainian people

The Pompidou Group, together with leading European psycho-trauma experts, has developed recommendations on how people can better interact and communicate with persons who have experienced a crisis or difficult life event. The recommendations were developed at the request of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior and in light of the traumatic situations experienced by the Ukrainian population due to the ongoing Russian hostilities in Ukraine. Being the continent’s leading human rights organisation, the Council of Europe regards the protection of civilians of utmost importance. Traumatic experiences can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Epidemiological studies show that people with trauma and

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Mariupolis (2016)

Documentary   With great support byJustWatch Director: Mantas Kvedaravicius Genre: war Country: Ukraine, Lithuania, Germany, France Language: Russian Length: 90 Minutes Mariupolis – Synopsis A man repairs his fishing net and goes out to the bridge. Two trams run into each other – nobody is hurt and cables are fixed the same day. A small concert is given for factory workers and the sincere performance of a violinist makes them cry. Bombs fall into the sea, no one notices. Everyday life is defined by bomb threats in Mariupol, a city in the Ukraine, situated to the east of the Crimea

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FORBIDDEN (in need of support)

directed and produced by Andrew Liulko Tagline:FORBIDDEN is a science fiction film about the best human qualities that helped to survive the consequences of a nuclear war, a film about the difficult path of rebirth to realize the true value – love. SCIENCE FICTION FILM IN DEVELOPMENT Director & Producer: Andrew LiulkoGenre: Science FictionCountry: Ukraine, Sri LankaLanguage: English, UkrainianLength: 90 Minutes, 3 episodes of 40-50 minutes each for TV releaseAspect ratio: 2.35:1 or 16:9 The Producer reached out to Filmmakers for Ukraine to ask for help, as he and his team are currently looking for financial and other kind of


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An eleven part Docuseries directed by Yaroslav Korotkov and produced by Lera Koptseva DOCUSERIES IN DEVELOPMENT: CLICK HERE TO HELP THE PROJECT Director: Yaroslav Korotkov Format: 11 episodes (30 minutes each) Country: Ukraine Language: Ukrainian “WE” – Synopsis, as told by director Yaroslav Korotkov and producer Lera Koptseva “For many years we have been trying to understand our national identity. What does it mean to be a Ukrainian? With a strong historical foundation, we believe that you could boldly answer who you really are. Ukraine is only 30 years old. However, the end of the 19th century, the beginning of

"WE" - Discover more about the Docuseries

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Novorossiya (2022)

Documentary   With great support byJustWatch Director: Enrico Parenti, Luca Gennari Genre: war Country: Ukraine Language: Russian, Ukrainian Length: 64 Minutes Novorossiya – Synopsis Brand new film from the Ukrainian eastern fronts of Donetsk and Luhansk where the Russian army and pro-Russian separatists had been waging a war against Ukraine even before Putin’s full-scale invasion in 2022. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine did not start last month, but in 2014 with the annexation of Crimea and the following warfare in the two Eastern Ukrainian regions Donetsk and Luhansk where pro-Russian separatists proclaimed their territory a brand new state: Novorossiya, or New


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