Open spaces for Ukrainian acting students

Open spaces for Ukrainian acting students are available all throughout Europe. The member schools of “école des écoles” have united and offer spaces for acting/theatre students who have left the Ukraine.  Please contact the following e-mail for more information: international@hfmt-hamburg.de

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LGBTQI+ Support in Portugal

LGBTQI+ support in Portugal for Ukrainian refugees is available from ILGA. The Ukrainian community represents the second-largest migrant community in Portugal. ILGA Portugal has summarised on a page – called SOS Ukraine – a set of relevant information for the LGBTQI+ refugees. ILGA is the largest and oldest association fighting for equality and against discrimination against LGBTI+ people and their families in Portugal.

ILGA Association Page dedicated to Ucraine


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Portugal for Ukraine Portal

Portugal for Ukraine portal combines in one place all the Portuguese State actions underway regarding the conflict in Ukraine. On the portal there are informations on the special programme for the protection of Ukrainian citizens who fled the conflict. The site features also a list of job opportunities and a housing pool.

Portugal for Ukraine Portal

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Temporary Protection Regime in Portugal

The Portuguese government has applied the temporary protection regime to Ukrainian citizens and their relatives who cannot return to their country due to the war situation. The regime also covers citizens of other nationalities residing in Ukraine who cannot return to the country for the same reason. Portugal created a special protection program for Ukrainian citizens coming from the conflict with the attribution of a Temporary Protection Status, which includes: Residence Permit Tax Identification Number (NIF) Social Security Identification Number (NISS) National Health Service (SNS) user number. These identification numbers give access to health care in public facilities, enrollment in


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Information Sheet for Ukrainian Nationals in European Countries

Access to Territory, Asylum Procedures and Reception Conditions for Ukrainian Nationals in European Countries. The European Council on Refugees and Exiles, ECRE, an alliance of 105 NGOs across 39 European countries has compiled a non-exhaustive document of measures taken by European countries to address the arrival of Ukrainian nationals on their territory following the invasion in Ukraine. The information sheet is not intended to be an exhaustive or definitive compilation of developments. If you have additional information, or spot outdated/inaccurate information, please contact: spapageorgopoulos@ecre.org.

Information Sheet

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