“Ukrainian Filmmakers in Greece”: part of the “Ukrainian House” project in Greece

“Ukrainian Filmmakers in Greece“ The ‘’Ukrainian Filmmakers in Greece’’ project aims to create a community for the film industry professionals, to help and support Ukrainian filmmakers who are currently in Greece. The team behind this project, works with the support of the Embassy of Ukraine in Greece and also in collaboration with Filmmakers-for-Ukraine, powered by Crew United. ‘’Ukrainian Filmmakers in Greece’’ invite film professionals to fill out their form in order to be able to gather information about the Ukrainian filmmakers who try to find work and network in Greece. Find out more HERE “Ukrainian House” ‘’Ukrainian Filmmakers in Greece’’

"Ukrainian Filmmakers in Greece"

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Sweden: Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians

Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians gathers information about the situation in Ukraine and what applies to people who are coming to Sweden.The page is constantly updated.Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians is an initiative and collaboration between: RFSL, the Swedish Federation for LGBTQI rights and RFSL Ungdom, the Swedish Youth Federation for LGBTQI Rights, through their national network of Newcomers and Newcomers youth to support and coordinate people arriving in Sweden from Ukraine.

Emergency support for LGBTQI+ Ukrainians in Sweden

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SEIF Is Offering Assistance in Norway

SEIF is offering assistance in Norway for those displaced in Norway by the war ongoing in Ukraine. Selvhjelp for innvandrere og flyktninger (SEIF) is a voluntary and independent organisation, established in 1986. They provide legal information, help to get in contact with the right public office or organisation and lend practical assistance by filling in forms or editing letters.They also have experience with helping LBTQ+ people in the migration process. Their website is mostly in Norwegian but has a very small section in English, Spanish, Somali and Arabic. You can contact the main office in Oslo mon – thu from

SEIF Website

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LGBT Asylum – Support Group for LGBT+ Refugees in Denmark

LGBT Asylum is a group of LGBT+ people – asylum seekers, refugees, Danish citizens and persons residing in Denmark. LGBT Asylum works for the rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender persons in the Danish asylum system and for the rights of LGBT+ refugees in Denmark. LGBT Asylum offers counselling and support to LGBT+ persons who apply for asylum or have a permit to stay as refugees in Denmark. You can reach them over their website or by phone from Monday to Thursday: 10 am to 2 pm. Phone: +45 71 52 33 97

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Likari platform: free access to doctors for Ukrainian population

Likari platform is an online service that gives people a possibility to get a consultation from qualified medical professionals, no matter where in the world a doctor and a patient are at that moment. It works as a mediator between a patient and a licensed doctor. All the doctors offering consultations on the platform are doing it for free in their free time, regardless of whether they represent public or private medical institutions.Before starting work on the platform, all doctors are checked for the availability and validity of licenses, diplomas, certificates. The service is not limited geographically and is available

Medical Help

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Armenian NGO Helps Marginalized People

Armenian NGO helps marginalized people from Ukraine. New Generation Humanitarian NGO is ready to provide assistance to vulnerable communities affected or evacuated as a result of the war unleashed by Russia against Ukraine. Representatives of vulnerable communities who are currently in Armenia or who want to come to the Republic of Armenia from Ukraine or Russia (if there is a need to leave the country due to political opinions) can apply for assistance. For legal matters: Lawyer consulting Preparation of documents For health issues: HIV and STI testing HIV and STI prevention Provision of PrEP and HIV post-exposure prophylaxis services

NGNGO Website

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LGBTQI+ Support in Portugal

LGBTQI+ support in Portugal for Ukrainian refugees is available from ILGA. The Ukrainian community represents the second-largest migrant community in Portugal. ILGA Portugal has summarised on a page – called SOS Ukraine – a set of relevant information for the LGBTQI+ refugees. ILGA is the largest and oldest association fighting for equality and against discrimination against LGBTI+ people and their families in Portugal.

ILGA Association Page dedicated to Ucraine


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Nordic Ukraine Forum

Nordic Ukraine Forum is a non-profit non-governmental organization registered in Sweden. We are a Ukraine-Nordics initiative launched to build bridges between Sweden and Ukraine, as well as facilitate the spread of knowledge and insights. We help to spread the knowledge about Ukraine and the situation therein in Sweden, as well as share best practices of Sweden with Ukrainian civil society actors.

Nordic Ukraine Forum Site

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Send emergency support to LGBTQ+ Pepople!

LGBT+ organizations on the ground in Ukraine, Romania, Slovakia, Moldova, and Poland are urgently coordinating evacuations and safe places for queer refugees from Ukraine. After the invasion of Ukraine on February 24th, LGBT+ and rainbow families, as well as human rights defenders, are facing imminent danger. Many are trying to flee the country.  LGBT+ people were already vulnerable before the attack, and are now even more at risk of human rights abuses by Russian troops. Escaping is difficult, and the conditions are chaotic.  Kyiv Pride, Insight, and other partner organizations are providing support to help get LGBT+ folks safely out of the


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Excellent monthly guide on all support services in Paris and Lyon

Watizat is an outstanding monthly published, downloadable guide in serveral different languages (Ukrainian will follow very soon!) that collects all relevant information about accommodation, transport, medical and legal help, special support for LGBTIQ refugees, where to find free food and showers, French classes, psychological help,… There are guides for Paris and Lyon.

Watizat guide

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