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Kieser Award

Meet the ten Ukrainian Filmmakers recipients of the Kieser Award 2022 [VIDEO]

Filmmakers for Refugees distributed the $10,000 cash prize as ten $1,000 micro grants aimed at supporting individuals’ basic needs and/or the continuation of creative projects. Recipients included members of Ukraine’s film and TV community who since the war began have become refugees, enlisted as soldiers, are acting as documentarians of war crimes or have otherwise seen their life circumstances radically altered

Meet Ukrainian Talent as presented by Spotlight

Spotlight, a UK casting agency which connects performers with roles in theatre, television and film productions, recently hosted a Ukrainian Casting Event at The National Theatre in London, which gave Ukrainian performers the opportunity to perform a monologue in front of some of the industry’s most illustrious names in casting and agenting.

Ukrainian Talent by Spotlight

Ukraine Film Awards KINOKOLO announced in Kyiv Bunker

PAMFIR by director Dmytro Sukholytkyy-Sobchuk was the big winner of the 2022 KINOKOLO Awards, which took place despite the ongoing war in the country.
National Film Critics Award KINOKOLO is an annual award that aims to mark the achievements of Ukrainian cinema and film industry figures over the past year on behalf of the Ukrainian film critics’ community. In 2018, the award was presented for the first time as part of the Kyiv Week of Critics.

Ukraine Film Awards Kinokolo

Open Call for Ukrainian films: Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival

Festival de Cine Derechos Humanos de Barcelona will take place between 1 – 10 December. The call for application is now open and they are very interested in Ukrainian films. The philosophy of the festival is to show films that make us think, awaken our conscience, denounce injustice and reflect the social and cultural diversity of humanity. This is the objective of The Human Rights Film Festival, which will celebrate its 19 annual festival this year.

Barcelona Human Rights Film Festival

Creative Europe 2021-2027

Creative Europe’s $5M EUR Special Call for Ukrainian Projects Is Open Until 29th of October

Creative Europe’s $5M EUR special call for Ukrainian projects is open until 29th of October, 17:00 CET (Brussels’ Time). The call is a testimony to the commitment of The European Commission to the cause of Ukrainian artists and cultural operators as well as to Ukrainian cultural and creative organisations in these extremely challenging times.

The initial announcement is available here.

Ukrainian feature film ‘BUCHA’ looking for support – HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP

Bucha is a project based on the true story of a man who saved 203 people. Konstantin Gudauskas is a Lithuanian Jew, a citizen of Kazakhstan. An activist who has received political asylum in Ukraine, and lives in Bucha at the start of the war. After the Russian invasion, because of his Kazakh passport and citizenship he was able to travel to the Russian occupied territories and evacuate civilians from there. While saving 203 people, Konstantin observes firsthand the horrors of war and atrocities of the Russian occupation committed by Russian troops – murders, robberies, rape. BUCHA is a film


Stockholm IFF Selects Oleg Sentsov as Honorary Chairman of the Jury

Stockholm IFF selects Oleg Sentsov as honorary chairman of the jury after it has previously announced that Ukraine is the country in the focus at the 2022 edition. Sentsov – who was the big winner at the last year’s Stockholm IFF edition – has put down the camera and took up arms to defend his country. The organisers declared that their decision was made in order to show support not only to the Ukrainian director but to all “filmmakers who are facing severe risk from carrying out their profession”.

Stockholm’s IFF 2022 program includes six Ukrainian films, digital interviews with Ukrainian filmmakers, a work in progress section and a panel discussion. Additionally a distribution fund was created for Swedish distributors to help them promote Ukrainian films.

This year’s focus on Ukraine was made possible by the support of Swedish Institute.

The full announcement is available here.