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CALL TO ACTION: We need your films for charity screenings!

Filmmakers for Ukraine is looking for finished projects by Ukrainian directors or about Ukraine in order to screen them online for charity purposes Dear filmmakers and producers, we need your finished films! Filmmakers for Ukraine is looking for your works to screen them for CHARITY. If you have a finished product and would like to offer it for online impact screenings to raise money and help the Ukrainian filmmakers in need… Please submit your film! Filmmakers for Ukraine will consider your work for online charity events. Do you have a film or a documentary (both long or short feature)? Then,


"Russia is at war with Ukraine. Each of you can have an influence and make a small sacrifice. Why do we have a voice if we are afraid to use it to destroy evil and avoid innocent people suffering?" Nariman Aliev Regisseur von HOMEWARD, Cannes 2019

Spendenaufruf von Support Filmmakers Ukraine

Liebe Kolleg*innen. In den letzten Tagen hat uns von befreundeten Filmemacher*innen aus der Ukraine die dringende Bitte nach Unterstützung erreicht. Viele von ihnen wollen bleiben und der Welt mit ihren Bildern zeigen, was gerade in ihrem Land passiert. Unter ihnen sind u.a. der Produzent Volodymyr Yatsenko (ATLANTIS, Venedig 2019/ HOMEWARD, Cannes 2019) und die Regisseurin Marina Stepanska (FALLING, Karlovy Vary 2017), die gerade wie viele andere mit der Kamera in Kiew und der Ukraine unterwegs sind, um die kaum beschreibbaren Ereignisse greifbar zu machen und zu dokumentieren. WAS WIRD BENÖTIGT?Um ihrer Arbeit nachgehen zu können, brauchen sie dringend Schutzausrüstung –

US Production executives talked about Ukraine War at AFCI Week

The Association of Film Commissioners International conference, AFCI Week, welcomed Netflix, HBO and Amazon executives to the panel. US-based physical production executives are now thinking more globally than ever – and are not yet being put off shooting in Eastern Europe by the war in Ukraine. Those were among the insights offered to film commissioners from around the world this week by a panel including executives from Netflix, HBO and Amazon at AFCI Week, an Association of Film Commissioners International conference event running June 27 to 30 in Los Angeles. On a panel about production in a post-pandemic world, Jay


Family Production shoot Kyivstar commercial amid Ukraine war

Family Production are behind the first commercial shot during the full-scale invasion of Ukraine. The project was made for one of Ukraine‘s largest mobile service providers, Kyivstar. This spot tells the story of a volunteer who takes help to people in different parts of the country, emphasising the importance of staying connected. “As soon as we started booking the Kyivstar commercial crew, many did not believe that it was actually happening,” details Anastasiya Bukovska, co-owner of Family Production. “But everyone was very happy. We made passage schemes with routes to the nearest bomb shelter for the whole team, and our shooting plans

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Ukrainian Works-in-Progress, Scheduled for Odesa Fest, Premiere in Karlovy Vary

The Czech film festival is providing a platform for war-struck Ukrainian filmmakers to present their projects to the world. In a typical year, fans of Eastern European cinema, after enjoying the Karlovy Vary Film Festival in early July, would hop on a two-hour flight to Odesa, Ukraine for the Odesa International Film Festival, the No. 1 annual event for Ukrainian cinema. 2022, of course, is a far from typical. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24 has made the OIFF untenable this year, but festivals across the region are showing cross-border solidarity with Ukraine filmmakers and the country’s stricken local industry. The PriFest in

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For the First Time Since the War Began, a Feature Film Is Shooting in Ukraine

‘The Day I Met Spider-Man,’ the story of a war volunteer who discovers she has supernatural powers, is shooting in several Ukrainian cities, including Kyiv and Lviv. Many in Ukraine thought they’d never hear “Action!” again after the Russian army’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24 immediately shut down film production across the country. While some nonfiction projects continued —many Ukrainian filmmakers began documenting crimes and atrocities committed by the invading troops — producing a feature film in the middle of a war zone seemed impossible. No longer. Since early May, Ukrainian shingle Mamas Production has been shooting the feature The Day

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Ukrainian Film-TV Industry Presents Ukraine Content Club at Conecta Fiction

Ukraine’s film-TV industry is putting words into action through “Ukrainian Content. Global Cooperation,” a joint initiative kick-started by key local media companies as well as the Ukraine Content Club, a newly established worldwide community and fund that aims to sustain the industry impacted by the Russian invasion. Discover updated Ukrainian content&service catalogues (June 2022):Content catalogue Possibilities of collaboration with the Ukrainian production sphere

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Docudays UA launches the Ukraine War Archive

The team behind the Docudays Film Festival is launching a website for the Ukraine War Archive initiative. It will help visitors upload materials in a more convenient way and share information about the war. Access to the archive itself will be available later, upon request. In mid-March, NGO Docudays launched the Encyclopaedia of War project. Since then, the Docudays UA team has received more than 19 hours’ worth of video evidence and found partners among human rights organisations that collect videos and file lawsuits against Russian war criminals.The authors of the project are looking for video and audio materials that

Film Network Berlin meets Ukrainian Filmmakers Stammtisch

Filmnetzwerk Berlin invites Ukrainian Filmmakers to its next Film Network Stammtisch at the unique Filmkunstbar Fitzcarraldo in Kreuzberg on Thursday, June 23rd at 7pm. Ukrainian Filmmakers (and their friends, too!) are invited to have a drink with fellow Film Network members and non-members and chat about current projects and ideas. It will be an opportunity to connect with Film Network members who joined recently and were met only from online spaces. Filmmakers from Ukraine who are new in Berlin (or not) and are looking for new contacts are very warmly invited to join in. For organisational reasons, please send an


Ukrainian series Cardamom Coffee snapped up by Beta Film

The international premiere of the Ukrainian show Cardamom Coffee took place on 7 June at NEM Dubrovnik, Croatia, where the series garnered a great deal of acclaim. According to the comments of the media present, hailing from around the world, few people expected such a high level of quality from a Ukrainian series. The show was presented personally by the showrunner and main actress in the series, Olena Lavrenyuk. It was acquired by German sales agent Beta Film. Veronika Kovakova, Beta Film’s executive vice-president for International Sales in Eastern Europe and Turkey, said: “At Beta Film, we firmly believe in the quality of products and


kolegiaLITA – helping authors from Ukraine : LITA Society of Authors launches grant for Ukrainian authors fleeing the war in Ukraine

CISAC member LITA, Society of Authors has launched a special call for grant applications open to Ukrainian authors in difficult social situation fleeing from the war. Within the #kolegiaLITA call, LITA offers a direct and targeted one-time financial support to Ukrainian authors who had to leave their homes and seek refuge in Slovakia. LITA has allocated, from its LITA fund, a sum of 50,100 euros for this special call for grant applications; the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC) contributed 25,000 euros. LITA will distribute these funds among the authors in the form of one-time grants amounting to 300


Art Basel 2022

Art Basel 2022: major art fair in Switzerland shows support for Ukraine

Art Basel collaborates on cultural program with Basel institutions in support of Ukraine, donates more than 100,000 CHF to humanitarian aid organizations and supports Ukraine benefit concert by Pussy Riot During a press conference, the organisers of the world’s leading art fair, Art Basel, reiterated their support for Ukraine, announcing a total donation of CHF110,000 (€105,000). The money will be split between three humanitarian organisations helping victims of the war. Art Basel opens in Switzerland today, Thursday June 16 2022. A new edition in a more favourable market climate after a two-year gap due to the pandemic. The artworks were

Uprooted, by Andzej Gavriss

WATCH NOW: Uprooted, a powerful short film featuring Ukrainian Refugees

Released by the UN REFUGEE AGENCY, “Uprooted” was made with the support of over 60 Ukrainians who fled their country “A film featuring Ukrainian refugees, made in support of all refugees” – reads the opening card of “UPROOTED”. A short film released by the UNHCR (the UN Refugee Agency) to send a message of support and unity to all refugees around the world. Within its running time of 2 minutes and 24 seconds, “Uprooted” delivers exactly that sense of chaos and horror that the sudden break of the war can bring. The film focuses on the PTSD that refugees experience

Kyiv International Short Film Festival in Taiwan

A selection of films curated by film experts in Ukraine will be screened in cities around the world. This is a charitable and educational event to aid the people of Ukraine in their time of crisis. While the lineup of films is curated in Ukraine, local screenings are the responsibility of their local contacts in other countries. The organizing organization in Ukraine is the Kyiv International Short Film Festival. In Taipei, the screenings are being organized under the auspices of the Red Room Culture, Education & Arts Association. KISFF has curated two programs of short films, each approximately 90 minutes

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Help for a Ukrainian Filmmaker Paramedic

Helena Maksyom and her group of volunteers in Luhansk region need our help and it’s very urgent. After spending the first few months helping bringing food and other primary goods to the most difficult areas in Ukraine – the ones that hardly nobody wanted to reach – and bringing people back to safer areas, she decided to join the National Guard at the frontline. There she was trained as paramedic and soldier. Their group is at the very frontline of the conflict in Donbass, under constant shelling, with very difficult routes to get provisions. One of her jobs is the

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Iнфодень для українських митців/мисткинь та творчих людей | Infoday for Ukrainian artists and creatives

++English below ++ START | Інфодень для українських митців/мисткинь та творчих людей – запрошуються українські митці/мисткині та працівники культури, які шукають нових перспектив у Берліні. У цей інфодень разом із нашими партнерами ми представимо перший огляд можливостей, які мають українці для реалізації своїх мистецьких проєктів та самостійної зайнятості в Берліні. Окрім Kreativ Kultur Berlin та Creative City Berlin, будуть присутні різні берлінські консультаційні центри, з якими учасники зможуть познайомитися та поспілкуватися на місці. Цю пропозицію доповнюють експерти, які роз’яснять важливі юридичні положення та нададуть всю базову інформацію. Зокрема ми розглянемо такі питання: Які берлінські консультаційні центри існують для митців/мисткинь і


The Documentarists and The Invasion

Yulia Gontaruk, director, is filming with the same people she filmed back in 2014 or 2015 and sometimes she feels like she’s in a film. The co-director Yuriy Gruzinov knows that a lot of journalists and photographers have died but hopes that documentarists are all alive. The director Kostiantyn Kliatskin remembers about how documentarists have been covered by soldiers on the front in Crimea. The director Yuliia Hontaruk said that she decided to risk her life for the first time in Crimea, in 2015. The producer and camera operator Andrii Kotliar talks about how the war impacted funding. The producer

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Ukraine that amazed us – a pitching for young Polish documentary filmmakers

The Organization of Ukrainian Producers announces a pitching for young Polish documentary filmmakers We invite young Polish directors and screenwriters to participate in a documentary project “Ukraine that amazed us”. It includes several short movie statements about Ukraine, Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Polish relations. The Ukrainian army is fighting not only for its country, but for the future of Europe. Poland, as our closest neighbor, incredibly supports Ukraine. Now our countries are closer than ever, we open each other from a new angle. The Organization of Ukrainian Producers (OUP) started shooting documentaries where Ukrainian refugees and volunteers talk about Europe and especially

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Yoga mats from Berlin to Odesa for physiotherapy

Filmmakers for Ukraine recently received a request to send yoga mats to a hospital in Odesa, Ukraine, for physiotherapy exercises to treat people hurt in the war. We thank Anna Bergel, Artistic Production Manager of DOCK ART in Berlin, who very kindly offered to pay for 50 yoga mats, which were then sent by road to Odesa.

Ukrainian Short Films at Hong Kong Film Festival

將鏡頭拉遠一點,透過電影,看看2022年2月24日前的烏克蘭。 Zoom out a bit and look through the film to see Ukraine before February 24, 2022. Five Ukrainian Short Films will be present at Doubtful Life Hong Kong Film Festival in Taipei City, Taiwan on June 26 between 19:00-21:00. Tera (2018) – Director: Nikon Romanchenko Me and Mariupol (2017) – Director: Piotr Armianovski Without You – Sensiz (2016) – Director: Nariman Aliev Bullmastiff (2020) – Director: Anastasіia Bukovska Deep Love (2019) – Director: Mykyta Lyskov After the five short film screenings, there will be a Q&A session. Co-host|Kyiv International Short Film Festival, Subtropical Independent Film Festival, Doubt Hong Kong

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Stop the War (in Ukraine)

After Bombs and Humans. United Artists against War, Celula de Artă returns with a new exhibition Stop the War (in Ukraine) which was in Bucharest, Romania between 29 April and 28 May. Stop the War (in Ukraine) is a continuation of the charity exhibition Bombs and Humans. United Artists against War. The exhibition brings together sculptures, art installations and prints based on the works of Ukrainian artists. The artists who exhibit a series of installations and sculptures are: Daniel Loagăr, Alex Manea, Misha Diaconu, Mihai Rusen, Denis Nanciu, Sergiu Chihaia, Ion Alexandru and Cristian Seușan from Romania and the prints

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