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Kieser Award

Meet the ten Ukrainian Filmmakers recipients of the Kieser Award 2022 [VIDEO]

Filmmakers for Refugees distributed the $10,000 cash prize as ten $1,000 micro grants aimed at supporting individuals’ basic needs and/or the continuation of creative projects. Recipients included members of Ukraine’s film and TV community who since the war began have become refugees, enlisted as soldiers, are acting as documentarians of war crimes or have otherwise seen their life circumstances radically altered

Events and opportunities for Ukrainian filmmakers in Poland

Events and opportunities for Ukrainian filmmakers in Poland: the Polish Language Lab for filmmakers from Ukraine, the Warsaw Next workshop for young filmmakers from Ukraine, Belarus and Poland during the Warsaw Film Festival and a Film Bridge – the directing and scriptwriting programme for filmmakers from Ukraine at Wajda School

OWR #16 Warm-up: The Hamlet Syndrome Screening on 24th of February

One year since Russia invaded Ukraine  and blew up stability in the region, EUNIC Romania Network and the International Documentary & Human Rights Film Festival One World Romania await their audiences at Cinema Elvire Popescu in Bucharest for a film screening, followed by a debate about the role of art in processing trauma, respectively in understanding and fixing reality.

The Facebook Event Page of the Screening

EUROPEAN FILM MARKET: Spotlight on Ukrainian producers @berlinale 2023

Berlinale 2023 expresses its solidarity with Ukraine both in the film selection and with various events. One of these events is the so-called “Producers Presentations” during which five (5) Ukrainian producers will be introducing their projects and will be supported in their search for international partners. FEB 17th | EFM Producers & Projects Hub, Martin Gropius Bau, 2nd floor (Market Badge Access) | TIME 5-6 pm

Spotlight on Ukrainian producers @EFM 2023

Focus 2022

FOCUS 2022 – Watch our presentation: Filmmakers for Ukraine and ScreenSkills – Ukrainian Professionals Crossing the Bridge to the UK Screen Industries [VIDEO]

The importance of a much-needed guidance for Ukrainian screen professionals in the UK on extended stay permission was the epicenter of our presentation together with ScreenSkills during FOCUS 2022 in London. More than forty (40) Ukrainian professionals attended the presentation of an incredible panel of speakers on Wednesday, December 7.

FOCUS Presentation Video

EUROVISION 2023: UK x Ukraine Commissions

In 2023, Liverpool will host the Eurovision Song Contest. The event should be taking place in Ukraine, but the ongoing full-scale invasion of the country means the UK will instead host the competition this year. This will bring together three distinct cultures – Ukraine, UK and Eurovision – and present them on an extraordinary stage – the city of Liverpool.

UK x Ukraine for Eurovision 2023


ScreenSkills – Watch the presentation offered to Ukrainian professionals based in the UK: “We want to empower people to recognize that they have all they need to step up their game” [VIDEO]

The importance of training schemes offered by ScreenSkills to AV professionals in the UK was explained in detail to more than 50 Ukrainian professionals in a successful Zoom presentation by Nicky Ball, Head of High-end TV Mid-Level Career Progression on Wednesday, November 30.

ScreenSkills Zoom Presentation Video