Mriya International Film Festival – in Brussels

At the end of November, the Ukrainian community in Brussels will hold a Mriya International Film Festival. Promote Ukraine is a co-organizer and information partner of this film festival.

The full-scale invasion has caused indignation in the world community and radically changed the lives of every Ukrainian. Today, after almost eight years of continuous struggle, they still have to fight for our right to exist and pay a huge price for our freedom. 

Mriya International Film Festival was founded by a team of Ukrainian film directors as a project to raise funds to provide humanitarian support to all war victims. The festival aims to unite young film directors, to show the international community Ukrainian culture and to prove that Ukraine is not only about the war. 

Our festival is named after the An-225 Mriya (from Ukrainian “Мрія/Mriya” – a dream, fantasy, aspiration, fancy, vision, daydream and so on…), the world’s largest and most powerful transport aircraft created by the Antonov Design Bureau in Kyiv. During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, as a result of an air attack by Russian invaders on Gostomel airport near Kyiv, the Mriya plane was burned.

Organizers of the festival
Eva Zurian – as of 2022 plays the role of program director at Mriya International Film Festival, producer and distributor of 10 short films.
Dora Zahorodnia – at the moment, being in third year at two universities (Karpenko  Kary Kyiv University of Film and Television and Royal Institute for Cinema Theatre & Sound), being one of  the main organizers of Mriya International Film Festival.
Elina Pupina – director of animation short films and illustrator. 

The film screenings of the festival will take place within three days – from November 23 to November 25, 2022. Cinema RITCS at Rue Antoine Dansaert 70, 1000 Brussels became the central location.

The funds received from the event will be used to help public organizations in Ukraine, namely “District 1”, whose main task is to preserve cities and villages, their infrastructure, restore municipal and residential buildings in order to speed up the return of city residents and their adaptation after the war. 

On November 15 at 12.00 (European time), the Ukrainian Hub (building of the European Parliament, Luxembourg Square) will hold a preliminary press conference with the project organizers and our partners.

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