Join the “Worked on in Ukraine” project – hire Ukrainian professionals and companies!

DIM filmhouse, a production company founded by Eric Holland and his Ukrainian colleagues, has launched a social impact movement called “Worked On In Ukraine” (WOIUA) to support the Ukrainian filmmaking community.

With offices in Berlin and Kyiv, the company is dedicated to serving as a bridge for Ukrainian voices and talents to the international film landscape. They offer a range of services, including script and project development, full post-production, funding advice, and agency for cast and crew from Ukraine. The company has ambitious plans to expand to Poland and Estonia.

The “Worked On In Ukraine” (WOIUA) initiative aims to promote and celebrate Ukrainian productions and stories while encouraging international film and TV productions to work with Ukrainian professionals. The WOIUA Stork seal symbolizes a celebration for those who have decided to stand with Ukraine during these trying times. The website “Worked on in Ukraine” features film and television productions that work with Ukrainian film talents during these difficult times.

The WOIUA Stork seal

The CEO and founder of DIM filmhouse, Eric Holland, is inspired by Ukrainian stories and talent. The WOIUA Stork seal is meant for those who use their talent to tell stories and want to contribute to the Ukrainian film industry’s independence.

DIM filmhouse is producing and co-producing twelve Ukrainian productions, ranging from documentaries to arthouse films, with more than 200 Ukrainian filmmakers from cast and crew already registered with the initiative.

Andrzej Dolnjak, a director and writer from Poland, and creator of the “War 3.0” series, produced by DIM, believes that the war in Ukraine is a fight for the freedom of all of Europe. Therefore, he thinks everything should be done to help. Their production participates in the Worked On In Ukraine program to support Ukrainian talents and the film community. Ksenia Kravtsova, a director of the documentary “Glyadyelov”, appreciates the “Worked On In Ukraine” initiative and believes it is essential to see the war and the world through Ukrainian eyes. She thinks giving a voice to people who transform their experiences into creativity is crucial. She considers the initiative a great opportunity for filmmakers worldwide to show support for Ukraine and its film industry.

The “Worked On In Ukraine” initiative is not limited to DIM filmhouse’s productions. The now dynamically growing list of productions published on the freshly launched website includes all projects that have completed production or are in the making.
Among them is the documentary “In Ukraine”, directed by Tomasz Wolski and Piotr Pawlus, whose international premiere will take place at the Berlinale, which begins tomorrow, where the film is competing in the Forum competition.

The production of the film “In Ukraine”, directed by Tomasz Wolski and Piotr Pawlus, worked with the Ukrainian sound director Igor Kazmirchuk and sound post-production specialists from the Kyiv-based KWA Sound Production.

All projects can receive the Stork seal to promote the message that every filmmaker worldwide can contribute to the Ukrainian film industry and independence by selecting Ukrainian talent. To join the campaign, producers and directors have to contact Eric Holland and his team and inform them about the collaboration with Ukrainian freelancers and/or companies. The “Worked On In Ukraine” website will feature all the productions with a special production profile.

The initiative has received the support of Filmmakers for Ukraine and Crew United, renowned international networking platforms.
To find skilled Ukrainian professionals and production companies you can contact DIM filmhouse, use the search filters on Crew United (which already lists over 250 Ukrainian filmmakers and almost 150 actresses and actors) or contact Filmmakers For Ukraine.  

The “Worked On In Ukraine” initiative offers a fantastic opportunity for filmmakers worldwide to show support for Ukraine and its film industry. By working with Ukrainian professionals and promoting their contributions, filmmakers can help boost the visibility and recognition of the country’s film industry. We encourage all filmmakers to support the “Worked On In Ukraine” initiative and share information about it, helping to expand the reach of this impactful movement.

Worked On In Ukraine (WOIUA)