EUROVISION 2023: UK x Ukraine Commissions

In 2023, Liverpool will host the Eurovision Song Contest.

The event should be taking place in Ukraine, but the ongoing full-scale invasion of the country means the UK will instead host the competition this year.

This will bring together three distinct cultures – Ukraine, UK and Eurovision – and present them on an extraordinary stage – the city of Liverpool.

To support this, as host city Liverpool will be delivering a cultural festival in the lead up to the main event with a series of commissions, events and installations which will act as a platform for modern Ukraine – telling a story of an ambitious, progressive country.

Creatives, artists, makers, performers and dreamers are needed to help transform Liverpool through this period.

What is the opportunity?

There are three strands of commissioning:

  1. UK x Ukraine Commissions(wt)
  2. Music United
  3. Eurovision in Liverpool

UK x Ukraine Commissions(wt)

These commissions will bring together Ukrainian and UK based artists and producers to collaborate on creating new projects which offer a platform to tell the story of modern Ukrainian culture.

Artists can come from any discipline, although we are particularly interested in large scale outdoor works and installations.

Each commission must bring together a Ukrainian artist, creative or collective with a UK counterpart. If you are a Ukrainian national still based in Ukraine or outside of the UK, Culture Liverpool is keen to hear from you so they can support in matching you up with a UK collaborator.

Individually these works will be ambitious, accessible and inspiring, yet collectively will tell a compelling story about modern Ukraine.

The team in Liverpool are working alongside the Ukrainian Institute and the British Council, who will be partners in the commissioning process around these works.

What Culture Liverpool is looking for?

Looking for artists who:

  • Have a history of creating high quality work of scale, ambition and accessibility
  • Are willing to work in collaboration with other artists and producers
  • Can deliver breath-taking work in a short timeframe

Culture Liverpool has a particular interest in working with artists from Ukraine and Liverpool however this fund is available to artists from across UK and all nations competing in Eurovision 2023.

Find out more about the Process, the Next Step and the Application Form for this initiative HERE.

UK x Ukraine for Eurovision 2023