Online charity screenings on the FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE platform bring Ukrainian films closer to the audience and support Ukrainian filmmakers

Online Charity Screenings – The first films available on FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE

FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE presents a series of online charity screenings showing films, documentaries and short films by Ukrainian directors and/or about Ukraine starting on Thursday, 14 July. More films are added to the program every week. The Online Charity Screenings were created to support the Ukrainian film industry and encourage the international community of film lovers to learn about the history of the country and its people through the art of filmmaking.

The screenings result from months of intense work by FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE, the platform run by CREW UNITED. The project kickstarted within the first days of the Russian invasion. Together with a team of committed volunteers from all over Europe – including representatives of professional associations, institutions and numerous colleagues from the film industry – they managed to provide Ukrainians in need with helpful information and concrete help. The project helped people to find housing, a job and the tools they needed for their daily lives.

Also read: THE DISTANT BARKING OF DOGS. Filmmaker Simon Lereng Wilmont presents the opening film for our Online Charity Screenings – WATCH THE VIDEO


Since early April, while bombs were falling in Ukraine, FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE has issued a call to Ukrainian filmmakers, asking them to submit their films for charity screenings. This invitation also addressed international production companies to offer their films about Ukraine. The funds collected from the online charity screenings are intended to be made available to filmmakers in dramatic life situations and provide concrete help.

The charity screenings result from a collaboration between FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE and their partner PANTAFLIX, an established video-on-demand platform based in Germany with a global team and worldwide reach. PANTAFLIX has been working as an online platform for several international film festivals (including DOK.fest Munich and the Filmfest Oldenburg) since 2016.

All funds are received and managed by the newly founded NGO FILMMAKERS-FOR-REFUGEES. A committee of international film professionals with extensive knowledge will allocate the collected donations to the Ukrainian film industry and its needs.

Filmmaker Agnieszka Holland supports the action: „We want to understand what‘s
going on in Ukraine, and cinema is very helpful because it opens doors to a deeper knowledge and emotional experience. So watching Ukrainian cinema on the FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE charity screening platform is a win-win situation: you watch wonderful films and support Ukrainian filmmakers. They need to be seen, supported, and an opportunity to continue their work

A virtual Q&A session is available on the platform. Danish filmmaker Simon Lereng Wilmont – whose multi-award-winning documentary THE DISTANT BARKING OF DOGS (2017) opens the program – talks about making his film in Ukraine and how important it is to keep the storytelling alive in the war-affected areas.


The first selection of online screenings available on FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE includes films by established directors. But also discoveries by the latest generation of filmmakers. And international titles that show Ukraine from the perspective of an outside observer:

THE DISTANT BARKING OF DOGS (2017), by Simon Lereng Wilmont – *Opening Film
(courtesy of CINEPHIL International Sales, Producer Monica Hellström and FINAL CUT
NOT NOW (2020), a short film by Andrew Liulko (courtesy of Andrew Liulko)
THE FORGOTTEN (2019), by Daria Onyshchenko (courtesy of Wide Management,
Producer Claudia Lehmann and Director Daria Onyshchenko)
FALLING (2017), by Marina Stepanska (courtesy of TVCO International Sales)
THE RAIN PROJECT (2016), a short documentary by Oleg Chorny (courtesy of Oleg Chorny)
MR PILIPENKO AND HIS SUBMARINE (2006), by Jan Hinrik Drevs and René Harder. (courtesy of nonfictionplanet film & television GmbH, producer Jens Fintelmann)

The creators of the platform “Charity Screenings at FFU” would like to express our sincere thanks to all Ukrainian filmmakers, producers and sales agents who provided us with films for this purpose. Furthermore, we sincerely thank Alain Polgar and Rachel Unzen from Pantaflix. Also Pantaflix company for technical support, Agnieszka Holland for their recommendation and support by agency WOLF PR and all volunteers from FILMMAKERS-FOR-UKRAINE.

Watch, understand, and support Ukrainian filmmakers now! Charity Screenings – online from Thursday, July 14