Discussion in London: Sexual violence as a weapon in Russia’s war against Ukraine

London, Saturday 26 November, 16:00

A discussion on the use of sexual violence in Russia’s war against Ukraine and what needs to be done to bring the perpetrators to justice is co-organised by the Ukrainian Institute London, Birkbeck, University of London, SEMA Ukraine, International Council of Polish Women+ and Cambridge Families for Ukraine.

Top left: Alisa Kovalenko, filmmaker. Top right: Iryna Dovhan, activist.
Bottom left: Anna Kvit, Visiting Research Scholar, UCL (EISPS).
Bottom right: Katrien Coppens, Director of the Mukwege Foundation.


Iryna Dovhan, activist

Alisa Kovalenko, filmmaker (Kieser Award recipient)

Anna Kvit, Visiting Research Scholar, UCL (EISPS)

Katrien Coppens, Director of the Mukwege Foundation

Since the beginning of Russian aggression against Ukraine in 2014, residents of Ukraine have been exposed to the risks of conflict-related sexual violence perpetrated by Russian troops. Yet the problem became internationally discussed only after February 2022. Recording the numerous crimes, administering justice, and introducing effective policies and services for survivors of conflict-related sexual violence in Ukraine continues to be a challenge. The discussion will highlight the voices of activists, practitioners and scholars who draw the world’s attention to sexual violence perpetrated in Russia’s war against Ukraine.

The event is part of SEMA Ukraine’s advocacy tour across major European capitals: London, Paris and Brussels. The trip includes impactful events, conferences and meetings with politicians, and decision-makers, as well as public engagement.

In person: Sat 26 Nov, 4pm, Room B35, Birckbeck Main Building, Maler Street, London, WC1E 7HX

Free to register: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/467728347077

To support survivors of sexual violence in Ukraine click HERE.

Discussion on Sexual Violence