SIBS FILM – Watch how a Ukrainian coffee shop became the stronghold of a great community – NOW on the FfU Charity Screenings!

Derek Johnson’s documentary short film is a 15 minute confession pointing out the greatest strength of the Ukrainian people: their incredible sense of community

SIBS FILM invites the viewer on a 15-minute-journey through the Ukrainian heart. As Yulia, the main subject in front of the camera, narrates her life story with her broken and yet very warm voice.

The 2022 documentary short film directed by Derek Johnson is the latest entry on the Filmmakers for Ukraine Charity screenings. 

SIBS FILM remarks the major strength of the Ukrainian people: how they managed to be a solid community through the hardships of the last decades. And now through the current war.

Now more than ever, it is important to know something about Ukrainian history and culture and hear Ukrainian voices as they talk about their personal stories, unveiling a sense of community in the country of sunflowers and blue skies. 

Johnson films it as a confession, an intimate monologue, as Yulia tells how she and her brother created SIBS, a coffee roasting business in Ukraine. Before the war, their two coffee shops used to be a place where to host concerts, trainings, workshops and events.

Baristas showed up at the shops even in the morning of February 22nd, as the first Russian bombs started the invasion. From then on, Sibs has become a place where people help each other. A hub providing food distribution and help for the soldiers. A pumping Ukrainian heart, where community members have organized an ongoing effort to support their troops.


SIBS FILM, by Derek Johnson (2022)

Yulia and her Brother Andrey opened Sibs, a coffee roasting business in Ukraine. Shortly after establishing the company, they grew their business, opening two coffee shops and empathically touching their community. Now that war has found their country; Sibs takes on a different purpose.

Although Yulia lives in Seattle with her husband, she still manages the daily business operations. The coffee shops have also become a resource for hosting English and other classes in the community. Learning English is a vital experience for Ukrainians seeking employment in tech and other global industries.

Now that war has found Ukraine, Sibs have pulled together the community to help support the effort for the soldiers fighting against a super military force, Russia.

Yulia has mobilized her community in the USA to gather life-saving supplies, including; medical, diapers, food, and clothing. Yulia’s Family and friends will pick up donations at the border and give items to those in need once inside the country.

Yulia plan’s to return to Ukraine one day and help rebuild the country.

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