Shelter for Ukrainian Artists Austria

Coordination office – the »Office Ukraine. Shelter for Ukrainian Artists« –  for Ukrainian artists in Austria. It serves as a platform for the coordination of various initiatives by civil society as well as by institutions and acts as a liaison between the institutions in Austria and cultural workers from Ukraine.

Artisthelp - Shelter for Ukrainian Artists Austria

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Graz, Salzburg, Vienna

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Free food at Vinzi Markt Graz

If you have a Ukrainian passport, you will get free food at the Vinzi shop at Karl-Moore-Straße 9 in Graz. The Vinzi shops provide food and hygiene items for people with low income at reduced prices. If you don’t have a Ukrainian passport, please still go there. You will be able to buy food for a very small price. The shop is open: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday 8:30 – 12:30 Thursday 13 – 16 German source:

Vinzi Markt Graz - Hilfe für die Ukraine

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Facebook group connecting the Ukrainian community in Vienna and volunteers

The Ukrainian community started this facebook page to connect Ukrainians in Austria with volunteers and refugees coming to Austria. It’s a platform for any kind of information and help. Please be aware, that any legal advice given on the platform is not monitored by trained legal professionals, so it may be wrong!

Facebook group "Austria helps Ukraine"

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Graz, Salzburg, Vienna

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