Canada: Immigration measures for Ukrainians

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Immigration measures for people affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine

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Jobs for Ukrainians in Canada

“Job Bank” is a platform for Jobs from Canada managed by the Government of Canada. Canadian businesses have registered many jobs for Ukrainians. To help Ukrainians with searching and to make their search for jobs easier, the Government of Canada gives information step by step about: Employers hiring (this information is for Canadians who want to help Ukrainians with jobs) Ukrainian job seekers (how to search jobs for Ukrainians on “Job Bank” and how to search for more jobs across Canada) Community groups

Government of Canada - Job Bank



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No One is Illegal Network in Sweden

The No One is Illegal Network (Ingen människa är illegal in Swedish) works  to provide practical support to people who are forced to live undocumented after having had their applications for asylum refused.The No One is Illegal Network consists of local groups. The local groups are autonomous and activities may differ a bit but are all related to working practically and politically for the rights of undocumented migrants. There are local groups in Stockholm, Göteborg, Malmö and others places in Sweden. You can contact them all on their shared website.

The No One is Illegal Network

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Malteser International Collects Donations

Malteser International collects donations for helping Ukrainians affected by the ongoing war. The organisation is the worldwide humanitarian relief agency of the Sovereign Order of Malta. Its mission is to provide relief and recovery during and following conflicts and disasters. Malteser International is primarily active in the field of health, in which it has more than 60 years of continuous experience.

Malteser International Website


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Travail ukraniens France – робота для українців ,работа для украинцев

This group was created to publish serious job offers from private individuals, companies and institutions wishing to employ Ukrainian refugees in France. our idea is to avoid any form of exploitation and that no one takes advantage of their vulnerable situation.Respect for wages as well as respect for working conditions is fundamental to help these people integrate correctly into French society.Ukrainian refugees enjoy special social protection and the right to work like any other French citizen.We can publish your offer after verification. Ukrainians have the right to work legally at French labor market rates.if you want to employ a person

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App: Eyewitness to Atrocities

In Ukraine, citizens, journalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations can upload images and videos to the Eyewitness to Atrocities app. First, the eyeWitness to Atrocities mobile camera app allows documenters on the ground to capture photos and video that are embedded with metadata at the moment the footage was captured. This information helps to verify where and when the footage was taken and whether or not it was altered. Second, when an app user sends footage to the eyeWitness server, eyeWitness creates a record of who has had access to the information captured, or a trusted chain of custody. LexisNexis

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Psychological first aid for Ukrainian people

The Pompidou Group, together with leading European psycho-trauma experts, has developed recommendations on how people can better interact and communicate with persons who have experienced a crisis or difficult life event. The recommendations were developed at the request of the Ukrainian Ministry of Interior and in light of the traumatic situations experienced by the Ukrainian population due to the ongoing Russian hostilities in Ukraine. Being the continent’s leading human rights organisation, the Council of Europe regards the protection of civilians of utmost importance. Traumatic experiences can lead to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Epidemiological studies show that people with trauma and

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EU Skills Profile Tool in Ukrainian: helping the integration into the labour market of people arriving from Ukraine

The European Commission has launched a Ukrainian version of the EU Skills Profile Tool for Third Country Nationals. The Tool will make it easier for people fleeing Russian’s invasion of Ukraine to map their skills and find jobs and other opportunities.

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Migrants and Refugees Service

The Migrants and Refugees Service provides support, guidance in daily life and social follow-up to applicants for international protection as well as support during all administrative procedures. An essential aspect of its work is the organisation of leisure activities that promote the socio-cultural integration of migrants into Luxembourg society.

Migrants and Refugees Service

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Free subscription for Ukrainian refugees in France, from Free Mobile.

This offer is only available in Free stores (not online) from 03/29 to 05/31/2022.Beyond that, the package will automatically end without action. However, if you wish to keep the line, you can at any time and before the expiry date of the offer change the package from the Subscriber Area. To subscribe, you must present a valid Ukrainian international passport. For more information, contact Freemobile Assistance via twitter:

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Croix-Rouge française bonjour – website

A new website was created by the French Red Cross to help Ukrainian refugees coming to France. It is well informed, easy to navigate and it provides information on how to get help, like obtaining domiciliation or covering urgent needs like accessing benefits, food and hygiene facilities, as well as how to offer help either by making a donation or getting involved.   Available in French, English, Ukrainian, Russian.

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UNHCR Help Page in Spain

UNHCR Help Page in Spain gives support to refugees, asylum seekersk, stateless and people in need of international protection in Spain. Here you can find where to ask asylum in Spain. The UNHCR Help Page in Spain contains data about other topics too. Infos on education, COVID-19 and contact numbers are available.

UNHCR Help Page for Spain

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Ukrainians in France

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