Temporary Protection Directive for people fleeing war in Ukraine and guidelines for border checks

Given the extraordinary and exceptional nature of this attack and the scale of new arrivals to the EU, the Temporary Protection Directive proclaimed by te European Commission offers the appropriate response to the present situation by:

  • Providing immediate protection and rights: this includes residency rights, access to the labour market, access to housing, social welfare assistance, medical or other assistance, and means of subsistence. For unaccompanied children and teenagers, temporary protection confers right to legal guardianship and access to education.
  • Reducing pressure on national asylum systems by creating a protection status with reduced formalities. This will avoid overwhelming national asylum systems and allow the Member States to manage arrivals in an orderly and effective way in full respect for fundamental rights and international obligations.
  • Enhanced solidarity and responsibility sharing: The rules under the Temporary Protection Directive promote a balance of efforts between the Member States in hosting displaced persons from Ukraine. A ‘Solidarity Platform’, where Member States can exchange information about reception capacity will be coordinated by the Commission.
  • Further support from EU Agencies: Frontex, the European Union Asylum Agency and Europol can provide further operational support at the request of Member States to ensure smooth implementation of this decision.

    Fact sheet download: https://ec.europa.eu/commission/presscorner/detail/en/fs_22_1472