App: Eyewitness to Atrocities

In Ukraine, citizens, journalists and representatives of non-governmental organizations can upload images and videos to the Eyewitness to Atrocities app.

  • First, the eyeWitness to Atrocities mobile camera app allows documenters on the ground to capture photos and video that are embedded with metadata at the moment the footage was captured. This information helps to verify where and when the footage was taken and whether or not it was altered.
  • Second, when an app user sends footage to the eyeWitness server, eyeWitness creates a record of who has had access to the information captured, or a trusted chain of custody. LexisNexis utilizes its world-class data hosting capabilities to provide the secure repository for the information collected with the app, with the same technology used to safeguard sensitive and confidential material for its clients every day. Ensuring the security of information stored in the eyeWitness servers is key to allowing photos and video to be used as evidence in court.
  • Third, eyeWitness ensures this information is processed for justice. All information received by eyeWitness is reviewed by lawyers who tag, catalog and process this visual evidence to meet the requirements of investigators. eyeWitness then identifies the international, regional and/or national bodies best placed to act on the information.

eyeWitness to Atrocities is a charity registered in the United Kingdom.