Best Weekend

Best Weekend (2022)

Director: Vlad Klimchuk Screenwriter and Creative Producer: Anastasia Lodkina Producers: Anna Eliseeva, Dmytro Sydorenko Executive Producer: Andriy Ryzvanіuk Associate Producer: Oleksandra Melnyk DOP: Tim Avramchuk Cast: Daria Petrozhytska, Elias Reichert, Jörg Berchtold, Ada Rogovtseva, Irma Vitovska, Alina Cheban, Bogdan Osadchuk, Georgiy Khostikoіev, Nataliia Babenko, Taras Denysiuk, Maksym Devizorov, Oleksandr Rudynskyi, Maksym Kyrychenko, Valerii Morozov Star cameos: VERKA SERDUCHKA & band, alyona alyona, The HARDKISS, Onuka, Artem Pivovarov, Oleksii Durniev Genre: comedy Running time: 95 mins Production companies: FILM UA Group and Your Best Festival LLC, with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency Distribution: FILM.UA Distribution.

A guy from Germany becomes a volunteer at a festival to make the girl organizing this event fall in love with him, but instead he loses the foreign headliner of Atlas Weekend. The guys from Kryvyi Rih have a legendary stag party, but argue like children and fight like adults. A young girl from Odesa is looking for her rocker father she hasn’t seen and idealized for a long 10 years. A career-oriented girl from Lviv arrives for the most important job interview of her life, but her younger brother disrupts absolutely all her plans. This will be the craziest

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