SPACE: Ukrainian Sci-Fi by Dmytro Tomashpolsky premieres in Kyiv in spite of the war

Space is an experimental film directed by Dmytro Tomashpolsky. The film was screened at the Ліра, the oldest movie theater of the capital

Space, by Dmytro Tomashpolsky
Courtesy of Alena Demianenko

Ukrainian cinema gets to be celebrated in its own Home again. It is amazing to see the pictures published on on the occasion of the film premiere of “SPACE” in Kyiv. As a matter of fact, the film had its premiere since the beginning of the war. The event, followed by a reception, took place on Saturday, April 2nd at the Ліра, the oldest cinema of the capital.

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SPACE is a sci-fi experimental film by Dmytro Tomashpolsky

The film captures the collective psychology/psychosis of the lockdown. It previously screened at many Festivals all over Europe. Winning the Best Drama award at the Austria International Film Festival and the Best Experimental Film award at the European Independent Film Festival.

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Tomashpolsky filmed in 76 locations, in and around Kyiv. And also Odessa, Ternopil, Zaporizhia, Boguslav and Vilnius. The film starting point is Carl Gustav Jung’s theory of “Synchronicity”, focusing on those unexplicable unusual coincidences. Moreover, the film reflects on the Swiss psychologist’s own words: “Who looks outside dreams; who looks inside awakes”.

“This is a very unusual film about the collective subconscious – said the director interviewed by – We filmed during Covid-19, in self-isolation. All the 67 actors who starred in the film were in their homes. They filmed themselves during the quarantine”.

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Tomashpolsky continues to this day to shoot films. Even during the war. His next project will involve legendary Ukrainian actress Larisa Kadochnikova, who also attended the premiere for Space. The actress shared her first thought on this next project: “I am very happy to work with Dmytro Tomashpolsky again. Our first film, Larisa Kadochnikova. Self-Portrait, received awards in 2014. From the beginning of the war I decided to stay in Kyiv. Because this is my home. My city. And after a while, Dmytro called and offered to shoot a sequel to that film. I agreed”.

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