THE OTHER HALF. Read the first reviews for the refugee documentary presented at Thessaloniki

Courtesy of Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

It happens very often that Cinema plugs in with current events. With perfect timing. And it is the case of THE OTHER HALF, by photojournalist turned director Giorgos Moutafis.

The documentary just had its world premiere in competition at the last edition of the Thessaloniki Film Festival. Moutafis presents his own personal footage to document the path of refugees and migrants as they cross the European border. He shot it on Greece’s borders and also in the Aegean Sea, North Macedonia, Albania, Serbia and Turkey. Between 2009 and 2021.

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THE OTHER HALF. The first reviews

“After more than 15 years of the refugee crisis, we have seen dozens of documentaries dealing with this topic – writes Vladan Petkovic on Cineuropa – Most were from the European angle. And a few by African or Middle Eastern filmmakers. But those that possess an authentic and completely honest perspective are few and far between. And one of them is The Other Half”.

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THE OTHER HALF. Watch the Trailer

The Other Half is a Greek production staged by Moutafis himself. It was also supported by the Athens-based Incubator for Media Education and Development (iMEdD).

The film “manages to find new angles on this well-trodden terrain – writes Neil Young on Screen International – It is an assemblage of Moutafis’ own footage that plays like the jumbled but vividly-recalled memories. Those of a man who has experienced numerous intense and/or harrowing episodes on both sea and land. In this way, the migrant crisis of recent years is presented through a personal prism. Rather than an objective documentary seeking to educate about the complex and controversial subject of refugees and migrants crossing borders, it is an unapologetically subjective response”.

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