Temporary Relocation to Germany for Artists and Cultural Actors at Risk

Martin Roth Initiative is supporting artists and cultural actors at risk to temporarily relocate to Germany with the assistance of a host cultural institution. Scholarships awarded through the programme last up to 12 months.

The funding supports:

– A monthly scholarship.
– Individual support for the scholarship holders (e.g. necessary insurance, psychosocial support, language courses, trainings, networking activities, etc.).
– If necessary, financial support for additional personnel for the host organisation (please note that MRI cannot fund permanent staff and freelance work that is not directly related to the purpose of the grant).
– Counselling by the MRI and further training (for example on topics such as safety, sensitive public relations, psycho-social support) as well as networking activities and exchange of experience with other host organisations and scholarship holders.

Applications for funding must be submitted by host organisations. Host organisations can be cultural institutions or collectives (e.g. museums, theatres, festivals, etc.) and other relevant organisations that are based in Germany.

Deadline: 20 April 2022