Aluziva Association Helps in Romania

Aluziva Association helps people displaced by the War in Ukraine. Aluziva is the alias of Alina Greavu – a Romanian influencer for good. She and her “ALUZIVA ASSOCIATION” helps hundreds of refugees. A Ukrainian woman was operated on for cancer, a Nigerian student from Ukraine enrolled in a Bucharest university and a Ukrainian mother with three children managed to rent an apartment in Bucharest as well. These are just three examples. In addition to those, there are hundreds of other examples of which you can find out from this document. Aluziva’s efforts made waves and she appeared even on CNN.

You can help Aluziva by donating here: 

  • Asociația ALUZIVA (CIF 45447565)
  • RO67INGB 0000 9999 1212 6839 (RON)
  • RO55INGB 0000 9999 1212 6861 (EURO)
  • bic code (SWIFT): INGBROBU


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