Mister Pilipenko and his Submarine (2006)

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original title: Herr Pilipenko und sein U-Boot

Director: Jan-Hinrik Drevs, René Harder

Genre: Documentary

Country: Germany

Language: Ukrainian

Length: 90 Minutes

Mister Pilipenko and his Submarine – Synopsis

Vladimir Pilipenko loves to be in his workshop. This is where he has spent days and nights for the last three decades, building a submarine out of scrap parts. In the middle of the Ukrainian steppe. The amazing thing is: The bright green vehicle works! At least in the local village pond. But Vladimir Pilipenko wants to prove that he can really dive with his submarine – in the Black Sea. His lifelong dream should come true. After extensive preparations, Pilipenko finally sets out to take his submarine on a decrepit grain transporter through 400 kilometers of steppe and arduous mountain ranges to the shores of Crimea.

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