Ukrainian Docuseries ‘’ART.WAR’’ looking for support – HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP

The Docuseries “ART.WAR” by CULTURNO media is a series of short documentaries that reveal the stories of how people of art cope with the war, whether they continue to create, do volunteer work or contribute to the country in any other way. The goal of the series is to tell the whole world about the brave and talented Ukrainian creators who are fighting on all fronts.

LOGLINE: What will the artist do during the war? Will he postpone his work and take a machine gun, will he volunteer? Will he continue to inspire people with his talent? Is culture necessary at all when cities are bombed?

‘’We will deal with all these questions in our documentary series “ART.WAR”, dedicated to the culture of Ukraine during the Ukrainian-Russian war. At CULTURNO media, we are a team of independent Ukrainian media creators who film and popularize Ukrainian culture through showing every unique story of every unique artist”.

CULTURNO media reached out to Filmmakers for Ukraine to ask for support to complete their work.

“ART.WAR” – Click here to see the first episodes of the Docuseries; each episode is dedicated to a Ukrainian artist.

Ukrainian artists participating in the docuseries:

Viktor Usatyuk, Musician, piano teacher

Oleksiy Shmurak, Composer

Andriy Savchyshyn, Artist

Petro Ryaska, Artist

Anton Sheetel, Musician

Dmytro Perov, Lawyer


CULTURNO media are looking for financial support, technical equipment and/or a co-producing partner.

Please reach out to Filmmakers for Ukraine if you want to support the project.

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