TRAIN: KYIV–WAR, the powerful documentary by Korney Gritsyuk NOW available on the FFU online Charity Screenings

A 12 hour train journey with Ukrainian people travelling between peace and war. And we get to hear their thoughts

On week four of the Online Charity Screenings on Filmmakers for Ukraine, we get on the Ukrainian night train number 126, heading from Kyiv to Konstantinovka. The same train sometimes called “Train Kyiv-War“. The 2020 documentary film by Korney Gritsyuk relies on a great concept: inviting the viewer on a journey from peace to the last station before reaching the Donbas region in the early stages of the Russian occupation.

Filmmaker Gritsyuk asks various people on the train for their opinion on the war. As viewers, we get to listen to their thoughts and opinions. Their hopes and their dreams of peace. Because most of them want indeed peace, as they do not want to see their relatives murdered or forced to fight in a war.

“We filmed this movie in this train and during this process we met a lot of interesting passengers” Gritsyuk tells FFU in his video statement “Ukrainian military, journalists, volunteers, people who live in occupied areas. The characters of this film are the real passengers of the train, trying to think of some way to stop the war in Ukraine”.

Train Kyiv-War won the award for Best Documentary at the 2021 Kyiv International Film Festival.


Train Kyiv-War (2020), by Korney Gritsyuk


The “Train: Kyiv – War” is a full-length documentary film by Korniy Gricyuk. The dramatic story of the Kyiv-Kostyantynivka train, with its passengers’ unique fates, pain, memories, secrets, hopes, is a history of today Ukraine.

Only 12 hours away from peaceful Kyiv is Kostyantynivka, a small industrial city in the eastern part of the country, immediately after which the front begins. This entire time people with different characters, social status, political views and beliefs are traveling on the train side by side. They talk, debate, even quarrel, but speak to each other and go in common direction. And what’s important, they all want to get to peace.

This film is the voice of ordinary people, the search for dialogue and the path to a common future, where everyone’s voice will be heard.

Watch the statement by Korney Gritsyuk, director of Train Kyiv-War

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