Thessaloniki Documentary Festival: With our eyes set on Ukraine

With their eyes set on the dramatic events taking place in Ukraine over the last three weeks, Thessaloniki Documentary Festival is including two additional screenings in its program.

Toloka (2020) directed by Mikhail Ilenko will be screened on Thursday March 17th, at 12:00, at John Cassavetes theater (free admission). The acclaimed Ukranian director was intending to attend Thessaloniki Documentary Festival to preface the screening of his film and answer the audience’s questions (fleeing Kyiv and reaching Thessaloniki via Prague), however, he was diagnosed with COVID-19 and he could not make it. His dear friend, director Fotos Lambrinos will discuss with the audience after the screening, accompanied by Ukrainian actress Romanna Lobach.

The Great Utopia (2017) directed by Fotos Lambrinos will be screened on Friday March 18th, at 12:00, at John Cassavetes (free admission). The acclaimed Greek director will preface his documentary and answer the audience’s questions.

“Filmmakers-for-Ukraine” platform gets presented at Thessaloniki Documentary Festival

Agora Talks, Friday 18/3, 18.00 at Warehouse C

Venia Vergou, Crew United Greece, talks about the goals of this initiative, taken by Crew United together with many great volunteers, and explains the structure and the methods of informing the platform inviting everyone who is interested to help.