Interview with director Askold Kurov

Dr. Kay Hoffmann from the House of Documentary Films spoke to director Askold Kurov, who fled Russia in March 2022. Kurov made the documentary “The Trial – The Russian State against Oleg Senzov” in 2017. The film is featured in our movie section here.

“No one can feel safe”
Kay Hoffmann from the House of Documentaries spoke to Askold Kurov. For critical voices like him, it is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s Russia, also due to the latest Russian censorship laws. That’s why Askold Kurov decided with a heavy heart to flee his homeland. “No one can feel safe,” he emphasizes in an interview with the HDF, which was recorded in English. “They can arrest anyone, including filmmakers. It doesn’t matter at all.”

Please read the full article on the Website of the House of Documentary Films in Stuttgart, Germany (in German)

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