Watch this Short: Hungarian Animators Against the War in Ukraine

The Hungarian Animation for Community Purposes speaks out against the war in Ukraine through their own work: a new animated short film.

The Hungarian Animation for Community Purposes includes independent animators who stand for socially important events using the power of art and animation and speaking out against decisions that are objectionable to them.

“We have sadly read and heard from our fellow volunteers at the border that there are Ukrainians who do not dare to flee to Hungary. And this is because they are afraid to come here” – they write in a statement. “Many people believe that our people are the puppet of the Russian Prime Minister, who is besieging Ukraine. We hope that our message, the real face of Hungary, the humanity and the help of our people will reach as many people as possible through this animated film”.

Please watch the film below:

Válaszd a békét – Choose peace – 2022

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The creators participating in the short film are Fábián Balogh, Mirjana Balogh, Tamara Bella, Márton Bethlenfalvy, Zsuzsanna Gebrka, István Gurka, Emma Pálos, Anna Réka Szakály, Balázs Imre Szentesi and Fiorella Spitzer. The editor is Bori Mészáros, and the music is provided bt Bertalan Szűcs.

“Although we are just ordinary people, as creators and individuals who know the value of people well, we want the tragic war to end immediately at this moment. We support the actions of all those who oppose this war”.

Further information:

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