New Films available on the FFU online Charity Screenings – “Fantastic Ukrainians – Chapter 1” & “Liza and her Anthill”

The first of six documentaries offering a deep dive in the Ukrainian culture through the power of music. And a short film presented as a “good family story”

The Online Charity Screenings on Filmmakers for Ukraine introduce two new films not to be missed. Both available on our platform starting from Thursday, 11 August.

In a time where mainstream action and sci-fi movies carry the word “Fantastic” in their titles, the series of documentaries called Fantastic Ukrainians really grounds the meaning of the word, offering the viewers the possibility to take a deep dive into the core of Ukrainian identity.

Liza and her Anthill, directed by Anastasia Ivaniuk, is the second title of the week: a 17 minute short film about a young blogger and her parents. A story suitable for the whole family.


Fantastic Ukrainians is a series of documentary films about some of the most prominent people in contemporary Ukrainian music, cinema, literature, visual arts, fashion and dance. This week FILMMAKERS FOR UKRAINE presents the first of the six films.

Fantastic Ukrainians – Film 1. MUSIC (2020 – 2021)

There is no society without culture” – those are the first words spoken in the trailer for the film – “Only by realizing that we are truly unique, we will build a new cultural heritage. A new Ukraine“.


Alyona alyona, The HARDKISS, ONUKA, DakhaBrakha, Alina Pash, YUKO and others. How the Ukrainian music industry has changed over the last 30 years, where TNMK and Alyona Alyona listened to and found hip-hop? How to become a star in Ukraine today? This film unveils important details on the Ukrainian sectors of the popular, rock, hip-hop, electronic and folklore scene.

Watch the trailer for Fantastic Ukrainians

A shot from Liza and her Anthill

Liza and her Anthill (2021) by Anastasia Ivaniuk

Director Anastasia Ivaniuk calls her 17 minute short film, Liza and her Anthill, “A good family story”.

I’m currently in Kyiv – says Ivaniuk in her touching videomessage recorded for Filmmakers for Ukraine – The Russian army is now trying to destroy my country, my family, my friends and me. But I am grateful to everyone who helps Ukrainians. And the organizers for their help to the artists and the opportunity to show other films to the audience. Enjoy the film and stay with Ukraine“.


A young couple, along with their blogger daughter, Liza, are going on holiday. Due to the couple’s conflict, Liza gets stuck in the elevator. Will the couple manage to save their daughter without destroying their marriage?

Watch the full statement by Anastasia Ivaniuk below:

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