ESoDoc 2022 at Inconvenient Films: Open Call for Lithuanian and Ukrainian filmmakers

ESoDoc – European Social Documentary and Nepatogus Kinas / Inconvenient Films offer Lithuanian and Ukrainian filmmakers the chance to participate in the complete session organised in partnership during the Human Rights Film Festival, culminating in the final public pitch in front of a panel of international experts.

Duration: September 27 – October 3, 2022 (online) & October 7-14, 2022 (residential)

The offer includes 2 places for participants with a project and 2 places for participants without a project.

The entire session focuses on pitching. Specific online training will precede the residential session from September 27 till October 3. During these 7 intense days, participants will work with 3 different tutors (Stefano Tealdi, Leena Pasanen, and Katrin Nandelstädt) to polish and refine their projects and trailers. At the end of this week, participants will have a digital pitch deck composed of a recorded pitch and a refined 2-pager suitable for online forums.

The residential session will take place in Vilnius from October 7 till 14. The residential part of the session will focus on the “live presentation” of the projects, culminating in the final public pitch, which will be held on October 11 and 12, in front of a panel composed of international experts from different fields of the audiovisual industry.


ESoDoc – European Social Documentary, promoted by ZeLIG School for Documentary and supported by EU’s Creative Europe Programme – is the training initiative for media professionals and “cross-thinkers” who want to increase the impact and outreach of their documentary films and cross-media projects by developing new storytelling skills, networking over different platforms, discovering new forms of team building, of producing and financing and new distribution strategies.

The FULL PROCEDURE for applying is available HERE