Documenting Ukraine

The project Documenting Ukraine of the Institute for Human Sciences in Vienna/Austria supports Ukraine-based journalists, scholars, filmmakers, artists, public intellectuals, and archivists working on documentation projects. Projects are funded that create and maintain a record of facts, by reporting, collecting published source material, or collecting oral testimony; or give meaning to events through artistic interpretation and intellectual reflection.

Applications are now being accepted for the next round of grants. The deadline is 30 September 2022.

Examples of eligible activities include but are not limited to:

  • Journalists could apply to continue their reporting.
  • Writers could propose essays or book projects in which they reflect on their personal experience of the war.
  • Scholars could propose conducting interviews with those whose lives have been affected by the war or gathering and processing published materials about the war.
  • Public intellectuals could propose writing or giving interviews for European media.
  • Filmmakers or visual artists could propose projects in their discipline; curators could propose exhibitions.
  • Publishers could propose book projects about the war; translators could propose particular texts about the war for translation.
  • Archive employees could propose documenting the impact of the war on their collection.

Applications consisting of a brief project description (max. 1 page), a CV, and contact details for one reference must be submitted via the IWM’s online applications platform. The preferred language for the application is English. However, Ukrainian applications are also accepted.