Creative Europe’s $5M EUR Special Call for Ukrainian Projects Is Open Until 29th of October

Creative Europe’s $5M EUR special call for Ukrainian projects is open until 29th of October, 17:00 CET (Brussels’ Time). The call is a testimony to the commitment of The European Commission to the cause of Ukrainian artists and cultural operators as well as to Ukrainian cultural and creative organisations in these extremely challenging times.

“Cultural expression and access to culture are essential parts of our life. They help us deal with traumatic events, build individual and collective resilience and give us tools for mutual understanding. I am very pleased to know that we can contribute to help Ukrainians displaced by the war in Ukraine or in one of the participating countries to Creative Europe have access to culture.”

Mariya Gabriel, European Commissioner for Innovation, Research, Culture, Education and Youth.

Objectives of the special call

On the short term – the programme aims:

  • to support Ukrainian artists and cultural organisations to create and showcase their art and works in Ukraine and in Creative Europe participating countries;
  • to make sure that Ukrainians displaced by the war, especially the children, in Ukraine or Creative Europe participating countries, have access to culture and/or that they are well integrated in their new communities.

On the long run – the programme:

  • will contribute to the post-war recovery of the Ukrainian cultural sectors
  • will train the cultural heritage professionals in regard to the protection of Ukrainian cultural heritage from risks

Each of the short-time objectives has an envelope of 2 MEUR attached to it, while both long term objectives will be supported with 1 MEUR.

The submitted proposals should clearly state which of the call objectives are being addressed. Proposals should disburse at least 70% of the EU grant through financial support to third parties to support the Ukrainian cultural and creative sectors.

Three projects (one for each objective) will be selected for financing by consortia set up within countries associated to the Creative Europe programme. Ukrainian organisations will also contribute, giving grants to small-size initiatives implemented at grass root level.


The applicants must be legal entities (public or private) established in one of Creative Europe Participating Countries. Natural persons are NOT eligible except when they are sole traders. Entities which do not have legal personality may participate if their representatives have the capacity to undertake legal obligations on their behalf.

Consortiums are eligible only when one of the two is based in Ukraine and the other is based in another Creative Europe Participating Country.


3 years is the maximum normal duration of the projects. However, if justified, extensions will be possible.


The call is open until the 29th of November 2022, 17:00 CET, the evaluation will take place in January 2023 and the results will be announced in February 2023. GA signature is expected to happen in March 2023.

The initial announcement is available here.