Appeal for donations: What Ukrainian Documentary Filmmakers Need Now are Bulletproof Vests and Helmets

© Ravla Dologova, 02.03.2022

„Russia is at war with Ukraine. Each of you can have an influence and make a small sacrifice. Why do we have a voice if we are afraid to use it to destroy evil and avoid innocent people suffering?”
Nariman Aliev, Regisseur von HOMEWARD, Cannes 2019

On 02 March 2022, a joint fundraising initiative by Produzentenverband e.V., AG
DOK e.V., Deutsche Filmakademie e.V., Deutsche Akademie für Fernsehen and Crew United. This followed the urgent please for support of filmmaker friends Ukraine who want to stay in the country and show the world what is happening with their pictures. what is happening. Among them are producer Volodymyr Yatsenko (ATLANTIS, Venice 2019/ HOMEWARD, Cannes 2019) and director Marina Stepanska (FALLING, Karlovy Vary 2017).

We would like to thank all our supporters for their great solidarity and trust in our collective fundraising campaign. An overwhelming sum of almost 60,000 € was donated to the fundraising
the donation account within 14 days and the first orders and deliveries were initiated.
initiated: Medical backpacks and medical utensils, assembled by Johanniter,
have already arrived in Lviv, an order for protective waistcoats / helmet sets is on its way and another on its way and another one will be ordered in the next few days.

Purpose of donation
The monetary donations are used for the procurement, delivery and handling of, in particular, the
protective materials and equipment. In particular, helmets + protective waistcoats of protection class SK4 as well as various technical equipment and paramedic backpacks will be procured.
At the moment, however, not all needs can be foreseen and further concrete needs are being
are brought to the initiative on a daily basis.

Advisory Board
An eight-member advisory board decides on the use of the donations and their application in the interest of filmmakers in Ukraine. in Ukraine, is decided by an eight-member advisory board. The advisory board is made up of Ukrainian-German and consists of: Darya Bassel (industry head at Docudays UA IHRDFF, producer at Moon Man), Olha Beskhmelnitsyna (producer), Ivanna Khitsinska (managing director Film Industry Association of Ukrainian, Odesa IFF Film Industry Office coordinator, producer Babylon 13), Alexandra Bratyshchenko (Babylon 13), Tanja Georgieva-Waldhauer (AG DOK, Producers’ Association, Producer), Marc Bauder (German Film Academy, AG DOK Producer & Director), Christian Beetz (Member of the Board of the Producers’ Association, AG DOK, German Film Academy, DAfF, Producer) and Thea Herrmann (Producers’ Association). The Ukrainian colleagues are networked with each other collect requests together and prioritise them. We were assured that no group will be favoured and that everyone will be considered in the distribution.

Donation account & transparency
Gebrüder Beetz Filmproduktion, initiator and member of the Producers Association and AG DOK,
provides a separate account for the handling of the donation initiative. Due to the
and short-term nature of the fundraising campaign, no donation receipts can be issued.
be issued.

Gebrüder Beetz Film Produktion Berlin GmbH & CoKG
IBAN: DE47200505501211133911 / BIC: HASPDEHHXXX
Subject: Support Filmmakers Ukraine
Thank you very much for your support.

AContact: Thea Herrmann