Welding machines delivered to Ukraine

A few weeks ago, our group was contacted by a concerned viewer, Mr Nardo, who saw a TV report about Ukraine and that professional tools are also needed there. It turned out that he owned such equipment in his company – two professional welders. He wrote to us that he would like to donate them to Ukraine.

So we started a network of connections to look for receivers who could use this tool and transportation. At this moment, Moritz Schreiner and The Royal Film Company joined our action. This company transported at its own expense welding machines from Stuttgart to Rzeszow, Poland (1200 km). From there, they were sent to Ukrainian plants. At the moment, they are being used to fix a professional machine used to repair railroad rails. And these, as you know, are unfortunately very numerous at the moment.

We would like to thank Mr Nardo, The Royal Film Company and the amazing Andriy, who organized the transfer of the equipment to Ukraine.