The edition of ::: VOICES ::: UKRAINE was initially planned before the full military invasion of Russia in Ukraine. The idea behind it was to create an archive of the stories of Ukrainian artists and cultural workers who were living with the constant fear of an attack on their country. Back then, political discussions about Russia, NATO, the USA, new “cold war” were running the headlines of the media, taking away the subjectivity of individuals, whose lives were directly affected by the situation. We wanted to provide a stage for expression, giving that situation a human face and re-appropriating the lost subjectivity.

This was before. Before war.

Now the conditions of artists and cultural workers in/from Ukraine have drastically changed. Many of them have to spend their days in cellars, bomb shelters or in metro stations that have become their only safe home for now. Some of them are fleeing to other countries or to the Western part of Ukraine that is currently less affected by the war. Those who stayed are engaging in the volunteering, activism or territorial defense forces to protect their families and home.
With this edition of ::: VOICES :::  we are creating a live online-archive of the stories of artists and cultural workers from Ukraine who are reflecting on the current situation in their homeland, their daily lives and routines, their feelings and dreams, fears and hopes through sound and voice, videos, personal archives, illustrations and other artistic practices. >>> to the contributions

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