Ukrainian State Film Agency: Open Call to support the Ukrainian film industry [VIDEO]

The Ukranian State Film Agency – USFA is calling on the international community to support the completion of Ukrainian films, through a campaign that seeks to revive domestic production, which was interrupted by the war.

With a short informative video that is part of its campaign to support the Ukrainian Film Industry, the Ukrainian State Film Agency (USFA) invites the public to turn their attention to Ukrainian cinema and support its professionals.

View the campaign video Support Ukrainian Cinema today!

Specifically, the campaign refers to a special charitable account opened by the USFA Office for the collection of funds that will be allocated to the completion of Ukrainian films, the production of which was interrupted due to the war, the cinema distribution of completed works and the development of new film projects.

The Ukrainian State Film Agency calls on to support the Ukrainian film industry. The budget for the support of film industry was sequestered this year, as all resources of the country is aimed at the support of the army and humanitarian needs.

The Special account for donations was introduced. The aim of raising funds is to save Ukrainian audiovisual industry and secure job for filmmakers.

The Ukrainian film industry showed steady growth (adjusted for COVID-19) before the war:

  • produced releases (films): 2016 – 26, 2019 – 35, 2021 – 21,
  • box office ($ mln): 2016 – 63.8, 2019 – 113.7, 2021 – 64.8,
  • admissions (mln): 2016 – 24.2, 2019 – 30.7, 2021 – 15.84.

The funds will be used for:

  • completion of priority films according to the list approved by the Council for State Support of Cinematography, 
  • the launch of several films in 2022 in order to support the Ukrainian film industry and filmmakers during the wartime,
  • development of new films to ensure the continuity of the Ukrainian cinema development cycle.

The Ukrainian State Film Agency guarantees transparency and openness in the use of funds with public financial reporting.

In gratitude, the names of the donors will be mentioned in the credit titles.

Open Call by the Ukrainian State Film Agency