Ukrainian Short Films at Hong Kong Film Festival


Zoom out a bit and look through the film to see Ukraine before February 24, 2022.


Five Ukrainian Short Films will be present at Doubtful Life Hong Kong Film Festival in Taipei City, Taiwan on June 26 between 19:00-21:00.

  1. Tera (2018) – Director: Nikon Romanchenko
  2. Me and Mariupol (2017) – Director: Piotr Armianovski
  3. Without You – Sensiz (2016) – Director: Nariman Aliev
  4. Bullmastiff (2020) – Director: Anastasіia Bukovska
  5. Deep Love (2019) – Director: Mykyta Lyskov

After the five short film screenings, there will be a Q&A session.


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