Ukrainian feature film ‘MY WONDERFUL WORLD 4.5.0’ looking for support – HERE’S HOW YOU CAN HELP

MY WONDERFUL WORLD 4.5.0 is a project about the actions of mankind during the war in Ukraine. It tells the story of different people from different countries. The war in Ukraine is changing them, forcing them to learn more about each other and to help each other. The film takes place in Lviv, Odesa, Toronto, Warsaw, Istanbul, and Kyiv.


Writer-director Konstantin Konovalov reached out to Filmmakers for Ukraine to ask for help. He and his team are currently developing the script and are looking for financial support and pitching platforms in order to get the project going. Here is what he told us:

I am developing a script, negotiating with producers from Canada, Poland and Turkey. We are also working with the famous Ukrainian artist Andriy Palval, with whom we create images and visual characters. What will end up in the frames for the film’.

MY WONDERFUL WORLD 4.5.0 will be a 80 minutes melodrama based on real events with a strong documentary approach. Some of the filming takes place in Istanbul, Toronto, in Warsaw.

Language: Ukrainian, English

Production budget: 500 000 Euro

Production companies (Ukraine) :

KINO-L (Lviv)

KANSKY (Odesa)

KWA Sound production (Kyiv)


4.5.0 – means ‘keep calm’ in Ukr Army slang. Vadym, a restorer in Lviv must preserve the relics. Soldier Ivan has to take military cargo from Poland, but he doesn’t know what happened to his family? Lawyer Murat in Istanbul asks his girlfriend Tanya to come, but she doesn’t want to leave Odesa. Katya, a 3rd-generation American Ukrainian, is crying over the news, and this disturbs her boyfriend, military Ben. But everything will be fine – Katya tells Ben about the braveries of Ukrainians. Ivan’s house is burned down, but Ivan doesn’t know the family is safe in Poland yet. Murat uses the Montreux Convention to close Turkish straits to war ships and save Odessa. Everything will be fine – 4.5.0

‘Before the war I used to write screenplays for historical films and I filmed historical movies. However, I always dreamed of making a film about modernity, but I could not see the theme. Now is the time when modernity becomes more interesting than history. That’s why I want to make a film about the present times.

I started working on this screenplay when the war started, and I was amazed at how many people from different countries are united around Ukraine. I saw with my own eyes how ancient statues and churches in Lviv are protected from bombing, how foreign military instructors come to Ukraine to coach Ukrainian soldiers. The help of the whole World inspired me’, Konstantin Konovalov tells Filmmakers for Ukraine.

You can see the Teaser Trailer in this link:

Writer-Director Konstantin Konovalov and his producers are looking for co-production partners from USA, Canada, Poland, Turkey, and Germany.

Status of project: director’s development

Please reach out to Filmmakers for Ukraine if you want to support the project.

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