Ukraine that amazed us – a pitching for young Polish documentary filmmakers

The Organization of Ukrainian Producers announces a pitching for young Polish documentary filmmakers

We invite young Polish directors and screenwriters to participate in a documentary project “Ukraine that amazed us”. It includes several short movie statements about Ukraine, Ukrainians and Ukrainian-Polish relations.

The Ukrainian army is fighting not only for its country, but for the future of Europe. Poland, as our closest neighbor, incredibly supports Ukraine. Now our countries are closer than ever, we open each other from a new angle. The Organization of Ukrainian Producers (OUP) started shooting documentaries where Ukrainian refugees and volunteers talk about Europe and especially Poland. This Polish pitching will result in films where Poles, whose lives also changed on February 24, 2022, also tell about the events.

We want to hear voices of young filmmakers, film students and first-timers, and help them to bring their messages to audience. How did they see the Russian-Ukrainian war? What did surprise them about Ukraine and Ukrainians? How did the war affect their lives and views? And how do they see the development of Ukrainian-Polish relations, taking into account experience of past and present?

“This war entered houses of every Ukrainian and affected the whole world, – said Daria Leygonie-Fialko, co-founder of the OUP. – Unprecedented bravery of the Ukrainian people surprised everyone. And now, more than ever, we want to give the floor to the younger generation: people who see this world differently, who are open to new and focused on the future”.

The Organization of Ukrainian Producers has allocated $40,000 to co-produce four 10-12-minute documentaries with Polish documentary filmmakers. The documentaries will be united into a single one-hour film. 

OUP also helps with shooting on the territory of Ukraine, if necessary.

Dates of applications: May 23 to July 1, 2022
Locations for shooting: Poland and Ukraine
Citizenship of director and screenwriter: Poland

Application form