UFA Announced the Winners of the Script Development Grants

UFA Announced the winners of the script development grants offered in cooperation with Netflix. The contest has been announced on the 28th of July 2022.

717 valid projects were submitted until the 18th of August 2022. for participation in the program consisting of 48 script development grants of 15.000 US dollars. Of those 717 projects – 157 were documentary projects, 190 were series, and 370 were feature films.

Among the winning feature film projects we mention:

  • “Azovstal”, author of the script Oleg Sentsov, producer Denis Ivanov
  • “Antonivka” (working title), scriptwriter Kateryna Gornostay, producer Vika Khomenko
  • “Intervention”, screenwriter Yevhen Tunik, producer Oleksiy Gladushevskyi

Among the winning series projects are:

  • “Aby day till evening”, author of the script Oleg Zborovsky, producer Kateryna Vishnevska
  • “Boyarka”, written by Olha Gibelinda, produced by Ivanna Khitsynska
  • “She woke up”, author of the script Yevheniya Savichenko, producer Ivanna Dyadyura

Among the winning documentary projects recipients of grants we name:

  • “Amateur”, screenwriter Nadiya Parfan, producer Ilya Gladshtein
  • “Eternal Hike”, written by Irena Stetsenko, produced by Vitaly Sheremetyev
  • “Blessed”, script author Andrii Lysetskyi, producer Gennadiy Kofman


Prominent Ukrainian directors and producers examined the applications. The selecting committee included Natalia Strybuk (producer), Olesya Lukyanenko (Creative producer) and Serhiy Zlenko (National representative of Ukraine at Eurimages).

The initial blog entry is available here.

“We believe that the support for film and serial production in Ukraine in the form of grants for project development and sessions with international experts will help the industry keep going.”

Declared Anna Machukh, Executive Director of the Ukrainian Film Academy upon the launch of the program.
The complete list of winning projects is available here