The IBF is funding 7 projects from Ukraine

The IBF is funding 7 projects from Ukraine with the support of Open Society Foundation. The 7 projects were awarded 122 500 EUROS. The announcement has been done yesterday by the the IDFA Bertha Fund. 14 other projects originating from other countries have been awarded a total amount of 235 000 EUROS. That totals a groundbreaking of 21 projects and more than 350 000 EUROS in financing.

As part of the grant, IBF will also provide tailor-made support for the projects. All selected director-producer teams will attend IDFA 2022. Depending on the specific needs of the projects, recipients will participate in the different offerings for professionals at IDFA.

The IBF Classic Ukraine Support selection committee included: 
Audrius Stonys (Filmmaker), Yulia Serdyukova (Producer and Photographer), Anna Gawlita (Producer) and Isabel Arrate Fernandez (Deputy Director, IDFA & Managing Director, IDFA Bertha Fund).

“I was humbled and deeply touched to have a glimpse of what my colleagues are working on at this tragic time. Once again, I saw how cinema becomes a tool for attempting to make sense of the reality that is falling apart.”

Yulia Serdyukova, Producer & Photographer – Selection committee member.

“The stories of Ukrainian filmmakers are the most real and authentic historical documents. It is amazing how many important, emotional, dramatic stories are waiting to be told. We discovered so many outstanding talented documentary filmmakers!”

Audrius Stonys, Filmmaker – Selection committee member.
The list of the 21 winning projects can be found here