The Documentarists and The Invasion

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Yulia Gontaruk, director, is filming with the same people she filmed back in 2014 or 2015 and sometimes she feels like she’s in a film. The co-director Yuriy Gruzinov knows that a lot of journalists and photographers have died but hopes that documentarists are all alive. The director Kostiantyn Kliatskin remembers about how documentarists have been covered by soldiers on the front in Crimea. The director Yuliia Hontaruk said that she decided to risk her life for the first time in Crimea, in 2015. The producer and camera operator Andrii Kotliar talks about how the war impacted funding. The producer Darya Bassel, the independent producer Andrii Lytvynenko and the director Alina Gorlova talk about if there have been new opportunities for documentarists and about the current situation at film festivals. The camera operator, Slava Tsvetkov and Volodymyr Tykhyy, a director, make a comparison between international journalists.

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