Support Ukraine with DAFilms

DAFilms supports Ukrainian filmmakers by streaming a special program of Ukrainian cinema.

The platform published an announcement:

We are helping in the best way we know how: through film, and we support Ukrainian filmmakers. Stream any film from our special programme and we’ll pay 40% of the proceeds to documentary filmmakers currently filming in war zones.

DAFilms is not just a streaming portal, but also part of Doc Alliance – a network of 7 key European festivals. We feel that it’s our duty to help our partners and colleagues from the Ukrainian festival Docudays UA – an international human rights documentary festival that is held in Kiev every year in March.
For this extraordinary special programme, we have selected a handful of documentary films that paint a picture of contemporary Ukraine and help us to better understand their culture, the social upheavals that have unfolded in recent years, and Russia’s political interventions.
For every film in this special programme, we’re donating 40% of the proceeds to support documentary filmmakers recording and documenting Russian aggression in Ukraine. The remaining 60% of each stream is paid to the copyright holders, allowing us to further support Ukrainian filmmakers and help fund their future work.
We’ll be wiring this money directly to the public collection run by Docudays UA, which is cooperating on-site with Ukrainian documentarians currently filming in Kyiv and other invasion sites. These financial resources will go to their technical equipment, facilities, and other basic filmmaker needs.
We believe that objective and verified information that comes directly from the conflict is very important at the moment and this connection with the filmmakers will provide important eyewitness stories from these critical moments in Europe’s modern history.