Support Kinodopomoha – Help the filmmakers of Ukraine!

Give the filmmakers in Ukraine the possibility to go on working – so they are able to document what is happening in Ukraine.

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Kinodopomoha is a collective of Ukrainian Filmmakers (directors, DP’s, editors, post-production specialists, producers and drivers) who stay in Kyiv and do a documentary of the war in a very cinematic way. They are also travelling through Ukraine to get an impression on what is going on all over the country. They are showing war, destruction and the struggle of the everyday lives of the Ukrainian people but also find glimpses of hope.

The project is realized by the Kinodopomoha collective. 
The crowdfunding for the project is organized by the Royal Film Company, a Film production Company from Germany.
Currently Kinodopomoha is publishing small documentaries showing the current situation these days. You can watch those videos on their youtube-channel: 

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But they want to achieve even more. The plan of Kinodopomoha is to create a full-length film out of these snippets. 
In order to be able to realize this full-length documentary the team in Ukraine needs money. They need technical equipment such as hard drives and on the other hand, we want to give them the possibility to make a living – even in times of war. 
We want to pay the director, the DPs, producers, editors and all of the people involved in this project.

Please find out how you can support Kinodopomoha on

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