Starting today online at Charity Screenings – “No Obvious Signs” and “Nails”

Currently, two new productions are coming to the Charity Screenings platform. “No Obvious Signs,” directed by Alina Gorlova, is a feature-length film, and the short “Nails,” directed by Ernes Sarykhalil. Both productions were awarded at world and Ukrainian festivals.

“No Obvious Signs” is the winner of, among others, the Docudays UA International Documentary Human Rights Film Festival and was also awarded the MDR Prize at DokLeipzig.
“Nails” was honoured by the jury of the BRUKIVKA International Film Festival and the Rivne International Film Festival “Dream City.” The film was also presented at the Cottbus Film Festival.

The title of Golovas documentary refers to a phrase that Ukrainian soldiers hear in hospitals, where they come with physiological traumas and need help. But until their bodies have no injuries, doctors and society don’t notice their problems.
“No Obvious Signs” tells the story of the woman who returns from war. Talking to psychologists and battling her PTSD and panic attacks, she tries hard to get back to everyday life. The documentary shows her path from the beginning of her rehabilitation until her return to work. What is left backstage of the heroic videos of the warriors in Ukraine? What do they have to face, one on one, in peaceful life, and where does the war stop?

In “Nails” a little boy pulls nails out of the charred wood in a burned-out roof truss. Stowed in a dented bucket, he wants to take them to his father. But the long way with the old bicycle becomes even more complicated when the boy meets a grumpy man.
A pointed description of the current situation of the Crimean Tatars, which is characterized by tensions with the Russophile population and who were deported to a large extent at the end of the Second World War and could only return with the decline of the Soviet Union.

Ernes Sarykhalil, the director of the movie, invites the viewers to the screening of his movie in a special video message.

“This film is based on my childhood experiences – he says. Thank you for joining the screening and supporting Ukrainian filmmakers”

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