Slovak Audiovisual Fund opens a CALL with a special “HELP FOR UKRAINE” FOCUS

Audiovisual Fund joined the “Ukrainian Films Now” initiative, which was presented during the Cannes Film Festival 2022.

From 1.8. to 5.9.2022 applicants can submit entries in the 1.5 program- co-production of audiovisual works in cooperation with Ukrainian and Slovak creators and producers.

The priority applies mainly to Ukrainian films that are currently in the state of production or post-production (filming completed) anddue to the military conflict in Ukraine their completion is possible only in cooperation with foreign partners using creative and technological possibilities in the country of the co-production partner, such as Slovak Republic.

The substantive output of the supported application is a finished and publicly presented work. The applicant must clearly indicate in the application that his project is applying for support within this priority (the applicant will indicate in Slovak “POMOC UKRAJINE” in brackets after the project name).

Slovak Audiovisual Fund