Screening of HOME GAMES by Alisa Kovalenko in Athens – October 15

The screening for Home Games will take place within the framework of the 7th Tribute to Greek Documentary Film – «With Eyes Open», organized by the Greek Documentary Association – Hellas Doc.

Ukrainian filmmaker Alisa Kovalenko will be the guest of honor at the 7th Tribute to Greek Documentary Film – «With Eyes Open», which will take place at the Greek Film Archive.

Saturday, October 15 will be dedicated to Ukrainian filmmaker Alisa Kovalenko with the screening of her award-winning film HOME GAMES. A masterclass conducted by Kovalenko will follow.

It will be focused on the role of the documentary filmmaker in wartime and the conditions and difficulties encountered in making films under conditions of war. In the current war, Alisa has given up the camera and has taken up a gun to fight.

Alisa Kovalenko is one of the ten recipients of the Humanitas’ Kieser Award, a $10,000 cash prize, which was presented to Filmmakers for Ukraine for its 2022 edition. Read more about the Kieser Award HERE.

The Greek Documentary Association – Hellas Doc collaborated with Filmmakers for Ukraine for this screening devoted to Ukraine. Here is what its representatives told us about it:

‘’Given that the war in Ukraine has completely changed the geopolitical facts in Europe but also in the whole world and with the subsequent crises triggered by the event of the war in the Old Continent, the Greek Documentary Association – Hellas Doc, already from the beginning of the war, took a position and stood with intensity, on the side of its fellow Ukrainian documentarians.

The Greek Documentary Association – Hellas Doc took the initiative to invite a very important woman, a representative of the Ukrainian documentary, Alisa Kovalenko, who demonstrates with her work, with clarity, sensitivity and consistency, the period preceding the invasion of the Russian troops as well as the period of this current war, which they are still going through.

Alisa Kovalenko is from the beginning of the invasion with a camera and a microphone in her hand, recording the brutal reality of war as well as the enormous humanitarian and social crisis which the war creates in her country.

Alisa Kovalenko will talk about this very moment, when a creator and artist is called to use his/her art, in order to defend his/her place and also the Truth itself, which is in danger of being lost through digital propaganda. Her heroes and heroines are men, women and children, who are trying to cope with the harsh human reality of today’s Ukraine.

We consider it a great honor that Alisa Kovalenko accepted our invitation to screen her film HOME GAMES and that she will be in Athens to talk to us“.

A few words about Alisa Kovalenko and her film HOME GAMES

Alisa Kovalenko (1987) is a Ukrainian director, living in Kyiv. Her first feature documentary ALISA IN WARLAND, about the war in Eastern Ukraine, premiered at IDFA Amsterdam in 2015. Alisa’s second documentary HOME GAMES had its world premiere at Sheffield Doc/Fest and was selected in 65 festival (8 awards). It was also the official IDFA entry in 2018 and was awarded the Best European Documentary Award at the Odessa Film Festival in July 2018. HOME GAMES was nominated as the best Ukrainian documentary in 2019 at the Ukrainian Film Academy. In 2019, Alisa became a member of the European Film Academy (EFA).

HOME GAMES is a ‘disintegrated’ fairy tale depicting a critical moment in the life of Alina, a 20-year-old girl, a ‘million-dollar baby’ from Kyiv, whose passion for soccer gives her a chance to escape from poverty.

You can watch the trailer for Home Games below

HOME GAMES screening in Athens