New Films available on the FFU online Charity Screenings – “The Book of Complaints and Suggestions” and “Mam”

Two Ukrainian short films enter the program of the Online Charity Screenings

On week three of the Online Charity Screenings on Filmmakers for Ukraine, we welcome you to enter Ukrainian cinema through two very interesting short films. A good hearted one and a social drama: it is time to talk about The Book of Complaints and Suggestions and Mam.

The Book of Complaints and Suggestions, by filmmaker Andrew Ostrikovskyiy flirts with magic realism following a young waitress believing in miracles. But are these miracles really happening?

The Book of Complaints and Suggestions (2022) by Andrew Ostrikovskiy


Julia wipes the dirt in the cafe, she watches as a regular visitor sits at the table, but this time, he is upset. Children run to the cafe, as Julia gives them candy for good notes in the diary. After a while, a mysterious visitor appears and gives her a “Book of Complaints and Suggestions” and says that what she writes there will come true. She accepts the gift in disbelief…

The second short film is a “social drama” in the words of its own filmmaker. “(It is) quite melanchoholic. It probably fits the times and the moods”.

Mam (2021) by Ganna Gnatenko-Shabaldina


Vira, the mother of two children, is about to have an emotional breakdown, living each next day like the one before. The so-called careless life with constant bustling around kindergarten, developmental classes, pediatricians, and supermarkets is absolutely exhausting. The difficult psychological condition is exacerbated by the chronic absence of a man at home. Eventually, the daily routine and lack of support become so unbearable that Vira is ready to strangle her own child. Strained to the limit of her resources, Vira stops and tries to find a way out of a difficult life situation.

Watch the statement by Ganna Gnatenko-Shabaldina, director of Mam

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